Exploring the Smartest Phone – Nokia 130

I was using the smartphones for past 2 years. Started from Samsung, then Sony and HTC one X+. I could not do many things with the 512MB RAMed Samsung and Sony Phones. Though it was so much costly, I decided to buy 1GB RAMed HTC One X+.


It helped me to do many things. Most of my online activities were from phone only.

Email and Twitter are the most used applications. I used to reply to emails and twitter notifications as soon as possible. Many people appreciated me for the immediate replies.

And then WhatsApp came.

Met all my friends there. Became addicted to that.

I am in more then 25 groups. Office Team, Schoolmates, College Department, College Batch, Areamates, Linux users group friends and more.

It was so much informative, much fun to see the videos, read stories and messages. It gave a feel that living with all my friends. I got never bored. I have something to read on mobile, ALWAYS.

Everyday morning, some 200 messages will be waiting on my mobile.

I was checking for updates even in traffic signals, shops. Many times, I had forget the things I bought on the shop.

I stopped reading books and my Kindle took good rest. 😦

I had to be online always to be connected and to get updates, at the cost of battery. My mobile turned into a landline as I used to charge it daily. I have to take the charger, wherever I go.

On long travels, I phone would die and I had to ask my next seater, for updating home my arrival.

I wanted to stop this addiction but could not make it.

ONE FINE Day. Dec 4, 2015.

The battery was dead. As it was inbuilt battery, we have to change the entire inner things on the phone. For that cost, we can buy 2 really good smartphones.

Will this situation help me to get out of the internet addiction?

Decided to explore the basic phones.

It is taking much time to get a nice Basic Model Phone.I dont want to spend more than 2000 INR.

After 2 days search, bought Nokia 130.

Nokia 130 durable

It is a nice smartest phone. It lets you to do all the things in the real world.

Not in the virtual world.

Yes. We can only speak with people. The extra things we can do are to text, to hear music, to know time, to set alarm, as torchlight.

The days are so peaceful without internet on phone.

I started to read books on Kindle.

The BATTERY itself a power bank. It stands for a week for a one full charge. Here, Kindle wins. It withstands for a month. But, one week charge seems a blessings.

I started to like this smartest phone for the same reasons I like Kindle.

It follows the Unix Philosophy. “Do one thing at a time, and do it well”.


I have a iPad mini for taking photographs and reading articles from Pocket. It helps to manage my online life, when the laptop is closed.

Good thing is iPad does not have whatsapp.

I am much distraction free now and living a happy life.

What do I do now?

  • I check emails only twice in a day. There will be delay in replies. Thanks for your patience.
  • I am interacting much with the real people around me.
  • Heard the story of the watchman, shop keeper, talking more with office friends.
  • Observing people on the signals.
  • Writing on a real notebook for ToDo lists and completing most of them.
  • Calling my friends and hearing their voice.
  • Making a habit of calling atleast one friend a day and talk something.

Started to live a real life, happily.

Nokia 130 music


Hello NetCalyx

Can you believe that a single email changed my entire life?


It was July 2004.

Bala and me in 2004


I finished College and searching for a job in computer field.

Created my first email address. But nobody sent email to me.


Read in a magazine(Linux For You) about “Mailing Lists” and “Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai“.


Just to see some emails in my inbox, subscribed to that mailing list. 🙂

Yes. Got many emails. But, most of them were greek and latin for me.

Still, I was reading them as GNU/Linux was so new to me and the name was very interesting.


One day, Mr.Chandrashekar Babu, sent an email about his free shell scripting class.

Chandrashekar Babu




Shell Scripting Class !

Free ! !


I dont wanted to miss this class and email him to register.


Myself and My friend Balavignesh, attended the class.

Class was so interesting and we started to love the black screen of GNU/Linux.


Met Franklin, Manoj sir from St.Joseph Engineering College and his student Senthil there.


After the free class, we decided to learn GNU/Linux in details and requested for full courses.


Our Guru agreed for full time course.

He inspired us in all the ways so that me and bala decided that GNU/Linux is the way, we have to walk and live.


Till then, we were die hard fans of Windows.

But the GNU/Linux philosophies, changed us entirely.


We were freelancing for one year.

In the meantime, we went to Senthil’s college for a workshop and training.


Then, me and bala joined Lucas-TVS.

Senthil finished college.


We were exploring most of the languages and technologies in GNU/Linux.

Senthil and his friends Ajith, Arun, Arvind started a Tech startup.


I was helping them to migrate to GNU/Linux and setting up the servers.

Also we had a great brainstorming about new innovations such as IPTV and Web Security.


After 3 years, I moved to CollabNet. (Thanks to Bhuvan of ILUGC for the call)

Still, I used to answer their queries in ilugc list.

Senthil and team asked for suggestions for their server issues on our monthly meetings.


Senthil founded “NetCalyx Technologies” with few other partners in Chennai which is having focus on the product development and supporting the budding startups.



Ajith went to USA for his higher studies.

After his masters studies, Ajith joined with his friend Karan and co-founded a startup “DropThought”. A company that works on getting Instant Feedback from the users for various events, hotels, meetings and analyse the data.

Myself and My brother Arulalan were part of initial discussions on the startup for creating prototypes using python for social media data analysis.


Senthil travelled to USA to expand his network for the better understanding of the market demands and worked with few Fortune 500 organization. During that time senthil supported ajith for any technical brainstorming and  ajith/karan decided that senthil has to be with them to join with them.


Now, Senthil is a VP of Engineering for DropThought.




Two years ago, Senthil called me to join the team.

I was not in the position that time to join them.

Still, he used to share his happiness about the growth of the company with me, often.


For a long time, I wanted to explore more on GNU/Linux system administration.

Found that Senthil also looking for a known person to  improve the architecture more secure and scalable.

Decided to join with them.


It was very tough decision I made ever, to leave CollabNet, after 6 years of great happy life there.


Joined NetCalyx yesterday.


Hope the new journey will be more adventurous.


I am wondering, if bala can join with us.

We will invite our guru, Chandrashekar for a training 🙂


I thank Chandrashekar sir, for sowing seeds of FOSS with us.

Thanks for the ILUGC community for bringing more friends and keeping us together, forever.

Good Bye CollabNet

Hello friends.

It is really tough for me to type this email.

Leaving people is so painful.

CollabNet is like my Family. In the six years of life here, I found who I am. I explored the world, learnt tons of things.

I got a great team who are my extended family. Just like family members, you all helped me to grow, mentored in tough times, cherished my successes, guided me on odd situations.

We trekked a lot, went for tours, marriages, treated a lot, worked hard for days, continuous shifts, long drived in the midnight, danced in parties, conducted many trainings, sessions, Fought a lot on Gnu/Linux VS Windows. All the moments are so great and will be there in my heart forever.

Its time for me to follow my dreams and to move on in the career path.

This is my last day in CollabNet.

With tons and tons of great, sweet memories I am saying a “Bye” to my family.

Thanks all my friends here.

A special Thanks to Mohan. We are really blessed to work with him. He inspired me a lot. He changed the way I see people. The long running discussions with him in the deep jungle, in the road side shops, in the long drives, in the lunch talks sculptured me.. If I am kind, respectful, thankful, say it is mohan’s touch.

Thanks for our customers for giving great challenges to play on.

Being in touch is very easy with our digital connectivity and very tough with our digital distractions.

But, we are in touch with the people who are touching our lives.

I will be sharing my happiness and will be seeking help from my friends here  🙂

Good Bye.


With this email, I finished my last day at CollabNet on Sep 12, 2014

Gifted the book “Eat That Frog” to my dear ones.


Thanks for www.ChennaiShopping.com for bulk delivering the book.

The last speech with the team is so fun filled.

My team sent off with loads of gifts,greetings, and wishes.


I am so so blessed to have you all in my life.

Thanks friends.

Hello world !

It is 26.03.2014 early morning.

It seems something great happening around.

All are being so hurry.

I started moving slowly. I was floating in water.

Suddenly, I came to a new environment. All around smiled.

Chill air splashed on me.

“Hello world ! ”

“Happy to see you all. ”

“Nice to see you mom.”

Nobody seems understanding my conversation with them.

But they tell that I am crying.

Mom smiles at me.
She introduces me dad.

“Hello dad ! ”

It is a good feeling that able to move all my hands and legs freely.

I feel sleepy. Need some rest. Here it is so bright.

so many new people seeing me with huge smile.

All are so happy to see me.
I am also so happy to see all.

Dad is on phone calling all his friends to share the good news about me.

I am writing on my dad’s blog for now. Very soon I will meet you all with my own blog. 🙂

Happy to see you all soon.

Signing out now.


We are blessed with a prince today morning.

Both mom and kid are fine.

Thanks for all your wishes and prayers.

Muthu won first prize in International Yoga Competition


Few months ago, I requested for donations for a young yoga champian muthu.


Unfortunately, the katmandu program was postponed due to some political issues in nepal that time.

They asked him to participate in another international competition in Thailand, few weeks ago.

With the money you donated and collected from his friends, trainer, he attended the program and won the FIRST PRIZE 🙂

He joined Engineering at Bharath University, Tambaram, Chennai. This will help a lot on his education and future career too.

Thanks once again for your great heart and kindness.

We will be thanksful for this great assistance.

Here is his contact number, if you want to wish and encourage. 9629483 zero zero one

Refer my name as the donation collector.


I like the USA Lifestyle

“Shall we go out somewhere tomorrow? Shrini !” Mohan asked.

“Sure. With Pleasure”. “Where?”

“Come. Will show you some mystery around here”.

“Mystery? Any black magic?”

“See it yourself tomorrow”.

Next day morning, I got up early and got ready.

“Get into the Car.” Mohan is waiting for me.

Glad to see there are another two people.
My friend Logarajan and his wife.

“Do you show once again, some green trees and scenic areas?.
I am bored of them. Show something different”. She asked.

“Fine. Today well be loaded with activities.” Mohan said.

We four, started in the Car.

Mohan entered some address in a small gadget.


“What is this, Mohan? Is this car drive automatically to the address we set?”

“Hahaha. No. This is just GPS. [ Global Positioning System ] We use this to know the the shortest
or economical or fastest route to reach any place.

All the streets, places are known to GPS system.

As we will be riding fast, we can not stop in the middle
and ask someone for the route.
Most of the places, we can not see people too.
GPS is the only solution for the easy transport”.

“Thats nice. Long live GPS”.

The roads are wide. 4 lane and 8 lanes.
There is a separate lane for people who does car pooling.
They are called Freeway.
Walkers and bicycles are not allowed in this routes.

They have to take alternate routes.

The lengthy freeway is called “101”.
It connects the North and South San Fransisco.

The roadsides are filled with Trees and green meadows.


“How the local politicians keep the trees living here?” I asked.

“These are maintained by Govt. Here also Politicians do nasty things.
But the Govt Servants are really good and they work honestly.”


The Country is huge and population is low.
So still there are huge lands for agriculture.

Except the inner cities, all other places have beautiful
individual houses. Streets and connected well.

If there is a stop sign on the road, every vehicle comes to 0 speed.
Check for any other vehicle, then starts again.

Walkers have special respect.
If you walk and cross the road while the walking signal,

All the vehicles stop and give way.

“Why all people follow traffic rules strictly, even when there is no one in signal?”

“Hahahah. Rules are to be followed. Not to break.
These rules are just to make sure that human life is greater then anything.

Police will be watching us from roadsides.
Signals are with camera to capture any issues.

Police will send you notice to pay a huge amount.
Just to avoid losing that huge amount, most people follow the rules.

You can be captured two times. On Third time, the license is canceled.

Getting driving license is very tough.
The Inspector will sit with us in car and give various directions to drive.
He will watch all our activities. It is very very tough to satisfy his rules.

We have to know all the traffic rules, sign boards, hand signals,
driving and parking methods.”

“Interesting. Dont the police get few dollars to release from the case?”

“No. They will give bill and go away.

We have to pay on the court.

If not paid, the credit score will be damaged.
Credit score keeps all our financial transactions.
With a damaged credit score, we can not get even a credit card or loan.

So, people are conscious enough to drive safely on the roads”

Mohan was explaining all these things patiently.

It is good to see people following the rules.
Somehow, the govt makes it.

I can not resist from comparing with Chennai.

Even I have bribed for crossing signals in chennai roads.

“Hei. You crossed signal. You have to pay 1000 Rs for this crime.”

“Oh. Sorry sir, I just joined with the gang of bikes who crossed the signal”.

“Yes. But still, you have to pay the fine. Pay 1000 Rs Fine or give me just 100”.

I paid 100 Rs just to escape from him.


Source: http://www.indiaoutsidemywindow.com/2010/12/pay-up-or-shut-up.html

It seems all these are not happening here.

The police is not getting money from people.
People are not paying any bribe.

They pay the Fine amount.

Moreover, they follow the rules very carefully.
They made it as it is in their blood.

I wont say it is the problem with the police who asks for bribe.
Changes should start from us.

If we follow the traffic rules and if we pay the fine, when commit mistakes,
the situations will change for sure.

Many people want to live a lifestyle as a USA citizen.
Lifestyle is not with the dress, fun or language.
It is all about the manners and habits.

If anyone of you want to live a USA citizen lifestyle,
start with being honest and follow the rules.

I can not change the entire country in a single day.
But, I can change myself in a moment.

I will stop at every signal.

I am Flying

I got an opportunity to goto our office’s head quarters in Brisbane, San Fransisco, USA for a month.

Like to share the experiences and observations here.

My brother Suresh, and his friends, helped a lot on the last minute purchase.

I had a huge list of stuffs to buy.
Bought them and packed all.

We can take 2 big bags with 23 Kg each and hand luggage of 7 Kg.

I missed to get Visa for my wife too. Felt bad lot for missing her.
Should plan well for taking spouse/kids for traveling with them.

Reached Airport in the midnight with family.

Those moments are really cherishable.
This is the very first time, I miss the family for a long time. ( hehehe. one month ).

Aeroplane is one of the great things, we used to wonder from our school days.

It is a great feeling to realize that our dreams are becoming true.

I am crossing the Chennai Airport daily.


Whenever I see a Flight overhead, seeing it as a kid sees it. 🙂

Airport is filled with lot of people, just like a bus stand.

After a long queue and processes like checking passport, visa and immigration

I entered into the Flight.

Felt like flying.

Wait.Wait.Wait. The flight did not started yet.

I got a Window Seat.
This is very early morning, around 3 AM
Can see other huge flights moving around, filling fuels, loading things, unloading huge boxes etc.

The Pilot introduced himself.
There was an announcement in Arab and English for security alerts.
Pilot announced as “Flight Started“.

It started just like a bus, but in few minutes, it climbed up.

Felt the difference in the body. Little jerk and dumps in ears.
It lasted for only few minutes.

Now I can see the Chennai in dark.
It is glowing with lights, lights and lights.

The roads are becoming small and small as I go height.

Chennai is really glittering in the night.


It is interesting to see the huge Chennai is shrinking like zooming out a photo.

Slowly, the Chennai is disappeared from the eyesight.

Now, only darkness everywhere.

Inside the flight, all people settled down.

Air hosts are helping people to settle.

Emirates, is the Flight Service I am in.
They are very much concern on providing all the details in Arab and English.
The screen opposite to the seat is displaying the security, seat belt systems,

emergency exit, oxygen flow systems etc in Arab and then in English.

Good. I wondered and wished their love on their language.

Dont know any of the India based International Flight services announces in any of the Indian Language.

Reply here, if you have experience on this.

Felt tired and slept for a while.

Suddenly, a voice woke up me.

“Do you need anything to eat? Sir?”

“Eat”. On hearing this word, all my sleep went away.

“Yes. What do you have?”

“Here is the Menu sir. You ordered for Veg food. Here they are”

“Good. Thanks. Get me some Juice too”.

“Sure Sir. Here it is”.

Had some good Chapathi and Orange Juice.

Good enough to give another deep sleep.

After 4 hours, reached Dubai Airport.

I had my friends Shiva and Sadiq with me.
They are experienced in US travel.

So, I just followed them.
They were making fun on the stuffs around us.

It is one of the huge airports.
It has a nice shopping center inside it.
It also had all announcements/advertisements/boards
in Arabic and English.

No place is only with English words.

We waited there 2 hours to get the next connecting Flight to San Fransisco.

After finishing the checks, we jumped into the next Flight.


It is really huge. It has to fly for 17 hours, to reach SFO.
The TV Screen in front of us is loaded with all the entertainment stuff.
Movies in most of the languages,music and talkshows too.

I saw the movies Toy Story, Mars needs Moms, The Smurfs 2.

I took my Kindle with me. It gave a good time for me to read a lot.

Read the following Books.
Free For all
Tuesdays with Morrie
Immortals of Meluha

I wrote some text about python in Tamil too.

We have to plan well for this 17 hour travel.
Else, it will be boring and will seems very long.
These books helped me much to keep moving with the time.

We should not take the window seat in this flight.

We should not wake any nearby persons to move out of the seat.
The sear near the walking path is the best seat.
We can walk around anytime, without asking anyone.

It is a great wonder to see out through the windows.

We can see the white clouds every where.

Clouds below us, though us and above us.
Some times the deep sea.

Some times, green lands with hills.



Thanks to all the science and technology which made man to

get new experiences.

After the long travel, here comes THE USA.

Pilot announced that we reached SFO in Arab and English.
Good. They use Arab, wherever they go.

San Fransisco Airport:

Standing in Long queue to complete the checks and immigrations.
They asked me many questions about my travel cause and plan.
Then he started his fun talks.

“Welcome to USA. Marry a girl here and have a great life”.

“Oops. I got married already”.
“So what?”
“My wife will search, find and kill me.”
“Hmmm. All wifes are like that only”.

In another check, they opened all my bags and checked for all the stuff inside.

Then they let me go.

I came out to see shiva and sadiq waiting for me, outside.

San Fransisco


The chill air welcomed us.
It is around 3 PM.
The roads are neat and clean.

We got a shuttle to our hotel stay.

Reached hotel. Registered and got into our rooms.

Chill, Chill, Chill.
It is chill like December month in Chennai.

Mohan, my manager came to pick me from hotel.
He took me to his home.

Had a good dinner at his home.

Dropped me at hotel.

It was night 10.30 PM.
I can not sleep, due to Jet lag.
Body is so tired and asking me to rest.

But, mind is fully open.

Is it the USA ?

Happy. 🙂

I know all these excitement will be there for a day.
The next day will become a normal one.

Started to read in my kindle.

Some Photos are available here.

FreeTamilEbooks.com – Let us free the Tamil Ebooks

Ebooks Readers:

There are many handheld devices to read ebooks now. Kindle, Nook, Android Tablets are the big players in this domain. The cost of these devices are getting low as around 4000-6000 INR. Many people are buying these devices now.

Ebooks in English:

There are tons of ebooks in english available now. Most of the latest ebooks are released in the following formats. PDF, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3. So that we can read them in these devices.

Ebooks in Tamil:

In Tamil, latest books are not available as ebooks. ProjectMadurai.com team is doing a great job of providing ebooks in Tamil, which are available in Public Domain. But these ebooks are very very old.

We can not get the latest content.

Currently, When any Tamil reader buys these ebook readers, he can not get any ebooks in tamil for free.

How to get latest content for Tamil?

Nowadays, there are many Tamil writers and bloggers write about various latest trends. Literature, Sports, Culture, Food, Cinema, Politics, Photography, Finance, Information Technology are the most common stuff people blog in Tamil.

We can collect these articles and create ebooks.

We can release the ebooks in the creative commons license, so that the credits to the author is maintained legelly. At the same time, any one can share the ebooks with anyone for free.

Thus, the Tamil readers can get thousands of ebooks with latest content for free.

Can we copy the content from any tamil site/blog?

No. Every blog/site has its own copyright permissions. If the author mentions, as “Anyone can copy and reuse the content”, we can copy the content.

Some authors, release their works under creative commons license. We can copy the content from these sites too.

All rights reserved”

If the site/blog contains this text “All Rights Reserved”, we should not copy the content from these site.

We have to write to the author, asking for releasing their content under creative commons license, so that the authorship is maintained even we copy and share the content.

All writers love to readch more readers. If they allow us to copy the content to release as ebooks, the readers will get good content and the writers will get more readers.

Anyhow, the readers can reach their websites and read the content. We are just changing the reading medium from browser to a ebook reader device.


This is the website, to provide thousands of ebooks for free in all the formats.

PDF for desktop, PDF for 6” devices, EPUB, AZW3, ODT are the formats we can release the ebooks.

Anyone can browse the ebooks and download for free.

Readers are permitted to share the ebooks with anyone for free.

How can you volunteers?

We need you to make this project up and running.

The task is very simple.

Copy contents from a Tamil website/blog and paste in a wordprocessor like LibreOffice/MS Office.

Send the ebooks to us.

Thats all.

There are some more tasks too.

1. Sending email to the bloggers/writers to convince them to release their content under creative commons license

2. Verify the ebooks created by volunteers for the valid content and valid license.

3. Upload the approved ebooks to the site.

Write to freetamilebooksteam@gmail.com if you are interested for volunteering.

Who is making money on this project?

No one.

This is fully volunteers driven project to make the Tamil content to reach more readers via their handheld devices. All the ebooks are free of cost and all the readers have the rights to share the ebooks.

What is the benefit for the author?

The author is not getting paid. We are not aking for new content. We just copy the same content already available in their site/blog. Some readers are already reading the content for free in their sites. We just change the medium of reading. As more people buy the tablets and ebooks readers, we create a new way to reach the readers.

Are there any Tamil sites that allow copying?

Yes. There are some sites now that allow copying.

1. www.vinavu.com

2. www.malaigal.com

3. 365paa.wordpress.com

4. balhanuman.wordpress.com

5. kaniyam.com

How can I ask a writer to release the content in creative commons license?

Send a mail to the writer with the following content.


Thanks for your wonderful site [site name here ]

The usage of mobile, handheld devices for reading is increasing drastically.

We are working on a new project http://www.FreeTamilEbooks.com
A portal to provide Tamil Ebooks on various subjects freely for the
various computing devices like
Desktop,ebook readers like kindl, nook, mobiles, tablets with android, iOS etc.
in various formats like odt, pdf, ebub, azw

We like to create some ebooks with the contents from your site, so
that your works will reach global readers on their devices.

We request your permission to copy the content from your site and
publish as ebooks.

We ensure that the ebooks will be released under creative commons license.

CC BY-ND  or CC BY-NC-SA or you can choose any one from the above url.

We will attribute the original author and website link in all the
ebooks and articles.

To make ebooks from your site, we request your permission.

You have to add the creative commons license in your website, so that
we can get content from the site, create ebooks and release legally.

Feel free to contact us on freetamilebooksteam@gmail.com for any queries.
Connect to us via

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreeTamilEbooks

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/communities/108817760492177970948

Thanks a lot.


Send this email to all your known tamil writers and get their permissions.

Ask them to put their creative commons license in their website.

Forward their acceptance email to freetamilebooksteam@gmail.com

so that we can start creating ebooks from the content from their sites.

What if an author denies our request?

Leave him and his content.

Some authors may have plans to create and release ebooks on their own.

We should not make troubles to their plans.

Let us leave them and work on other writers.

What is the structure of the ebook?

A website/blog can have hundreds of blog posts. Some may categorized or some may not.

The vlounteers should read the cotent and select a 10-15 articles/blog posts and copy them all to a document.

We can create the ebooks in multiple parts like part-1, part-2, part-3 etc.

Are there any restrictions on the contents?

The content that induce the racisim, sexism, porn, violance are prohibitted.

Is the site www.freetamilebooks.com ready?

The portal is under construction now. We will launch the site soon

How can I contact the Team?

Send email to freetamilebooksteam@gmail.com for any queries.
Connect to us via

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreeTamilEbooks

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/communities/108817760492177970948

Share this news to all your friends.

Please volunteer to create the next generation Tamil Reading Community

Who are the core team?

T. Shrinivasan tshrinivasan@gmail.com

Alagunambi Welkin alagunambiwelkin@fsftn.org

Arun arun@fsftn.org

Supported by

Free Software Foundation TamilNadu, www.fsftn.org

Yavarukkum Software Foundation http://www.yavarkkum.org/


Help Muthu to attend a Yoga Competition at Kathmandu

U.Mutheeswaran, a +2 student from kanchipuram is a yoga artist.
He is willing to participate in a yoga competition held at
Asian sports competition, on 24/4/13-27/4/13
Kathmadu Valley H Sec. School/College +2
Kathmandu, Nepal.

See the announcement at http://www.kvhss.edu.np/

He is looking for sponsors for the entire trip.
The trip costs 45,000 INR.
We are looking for donations for making his trip.
  • How long is he been practicing Yoga?

He is practicing yoga from first standard.
  • How good is he in Yoga?

He is good in yoga. He is training some orphanages/trusts/individuals at kanchi/chennai.
He won first prize at state level yoga competition by central government organization.
and many local events.


  • What is the level of competition at Nepal?

It is the competition for asian countries.
Not international. But this event certificate is respected in the yoga field very much.
  • What is the level of capability of Muthu in Yoga compared to the previous question?

The Rajiv gandhi youth development team selects students from each state and sends to this event.
Muthu is the first person to be selected for tamil nadu.
2 or 3 more students may join with him from tamil nadu.

totally 25-30 students from all states are being sent to this event.

  • Did he attend any other competition?

Yes. Many. see the attachment on his first prize winning.
  • Did he win or secure top position in any other competition?

Yes. see previous comments.
  • Why in Nepal and why not in any other places in India?

This kind of competitions for yoga are rare.
kerala, kathmandu, some times tamil nadu are holding these kind of events.
some certificate from abroad is always well recognized here.
  • Should we support for his trip to Nepal or should we encourage him to participate in his level competitions and help him become more competent? 

he will participate in local events too in future.
But this certificate from nepal will help him to get his higher education under sports quota.
He completed +2. waiting for results. parents are poor and can not afford good higher education.
He is believing only the sports quota to get into any good engg college.
This nepal certificate will help for his education.
  • Any related information that may encourage willing sponsors?
His address: 

S/o M.Umapathy
50, thiruvekamban street
pilliyar palayam,
kanchipuram – 631 501
Tamil Nadu

contact number : +91 9629483001

They have to start on april 23. We have only 7 days.
The organizers are adding pressures to him to collect money.

He need totally 45k.

Please spread the news to friends and ask for donations.

Please call him and have some discussions with him for any queries.

Muthu is genuine and this help will encourage him to do more in yoga and his studies.

Thanks for your help.

You can transfer fund to my account.


T Shrinivasan
Axis bank
Mylapore Branch
IFSC code UTIB0000006

Send an email to  tshrinivasan@gmail.com along with the transaction note.


How to read Tamil books in Kindle ebook reader?

Kindle !

It was a long dream to have a ebook reader to read the books easily.
I love paper books much. But not all the books I read are available in paper.

Mostly I read the english books I read will be around Free Open Software, Its philosophy, Documentation for programming languages like Python, Ruby etc. Reading them on laptop is fine. But was looking for ebook reader experience, as reading for hours in laptop is a painful one.

Finally, two days back, got a kindle.

Kidle supports the ebooks in mobi and awz3 format.

Most of the english books are available in that format.We can get tons of free ebooks for kindle in english.

For Tamil?

Tamil books I read involves various areas like novels, literature, short stories, philosophy etc.

Google is not helping me to find out one single Tamil book in mobi format.

Kindle 4.1.0 has native Tamil support and it shows the font little nice, if we convert some html books into mobi using the Free Open Source Ebook management software “Calibre“. calibre-ebook.com

Because, it is not showing the tamil unicode fonts well, I was much worried. The whole purpose of kindle would be gone just to read english books. I dont want this to happen.

How to read tamil in kindle then?

PDF is the only option to read the tamil book. But the A4 page sized pdf books are tough to read in knidle.
We have to change the orientation to horizontal. and have to click more to read a page.

Create PDF for kindle

We can get a lot of Free Tamil books in the site “Project Madurai”

Using the unicode HTML files, we can create Kindle sized PDF files and they are displayed in kindle as awesome.

How to create PDF for kindle?

A Page with a size of 9cm width and 12cm height is a perfect match for kindle to read.
We can use LibreOffice writer to create such pdf files.

1. Set units as centimeter

Tools->options->LibreOffice Writer->General->Measurement unit
select “centimeter” from the list.
“OK” to apply this change.

Copy the required HTML page content from Project Madurai site or any other site.

Open a text editor like gedit ot kate.
Paste the copied book content in text file to be free from any annoying formatiing issue.
Copy this text content again.

Create a new Document in LibreOffice writer.
Set width as 9cm and Height as 12 cm

Set left,right,top,bottom margins as 0.5 cm

“OK” to set this.

Paste the content copied from the text file.
Select All.
Set Font as “Lohit Tamil” and Size as 9.

Export this to pdf file.

Copy this pdf file into the kindle using the usb cable.

These are the steps to create a kindle sized PDF file.
The Tamil PDF is displayed fine now as

What Next?

We need the Tamil books in HTML format to create such Kindle sized PDF files.
Unfortunately, we can not get much books or sites except “Project Madurai” to get tamil books as unicode HTML or text format.

Let us expect the tamil book publishers release their books in mobi format or HTML format.

Reading the Tamil PDF files in Kindle is a great experience. It makes me to read more and I can not do any thing than reading a book.
I feel like going back to my school days when the days were filled with only books.