How to collect the details of TN Politicians?

TamilNadu has thousands of Politicians.

From councillors to MLA,s MPs etc.

We dont have a place to read their details online. It is high time to use the internet to showcase the real facts about the politicians.

We are electing only the local councillors. We should know the facts about their history, their social activities.

I am wondering, how in the world of internet, the details of politicians are not collected and stored somewhere?

On election time, I read these politicians details on newspapers. Dont know how they get these details and publish.

Shall we start a project to collect these details? Will a wiki or Drupal help?

Where can we get the details? Will Election commission share the details?


Collected few links.

– Governor <>
– Chief Minister <>
– Council of Ministers <>
– MPs & MLAs <>
– Departments <>
– Districts <>

Lok Sabha <> | Rajya Sabha

MLAs <>
Lok Sabha <> | Rajya Sabha
<> | MLAs


The information in the links are very few.


Reply here if you are interested in collection the details of TN politicians.

or mail to