Ebooks and EMagazines from UK Libraries

Recently, I got an opportunity to live in a small village called “Leek” in Staffordshire Council, for few weeks.

It is very small, peaceful, but modern village. Walking around the streets itself will give great peace to the mind.

Library is the first place I like to explore on the places I do. To my wonder, this village has a great library filled with books in all genres, computers for public usage, various activities for toddlers, reading groups, IT training for adults etc.

Spent most of the times with the magazines and rare collections there.

one day, I shouted “Wow” on seeing this poster.

Announcement on Free Digital magazines in Staffordshire Council Library, UK

Announcement on Free Digital magazines in Staffordshire Council Library, UK


hehehe. Not about the girl on the poster.

How can a library lend digital books and magazines?

I asked the staff  and they wanted me to become a member of the library to avail this facility.

“Oh Sure.”  I said, as the membership is free.

Got membership card and PIN number to login to their site.



These are the links that provide great collection of digital books.

E-magazines are only in PDF format. But we can read them with a big tablet. The collections of magazine is great and they are adding more. We get very latest magazines in all genres.

Most of the Ebooks are in epup format and few in PDF. Both the ebooks and emagaines are DRM enabled. We have to use “Aldiko” app for ebooks and “Zino for libraries” for magazines.

The ebooks and emagazines can be lend for 21 days maximum. They disappear after the specific days.

Though I hate DRM, I like these facilities that Staffordshire library is giving for the public. It seems the department of libraries is paying for the publishers. The public get free, latest ebooks to read on their devices.

I explored libraries of NewCastle, Nottingham, Manchester. They have great libraries. but they dont provide ebooks services. Staffordshire libraries are very innovative on this. They provide membership only for people living in UK.

Thinking on when will we get such systems in India? What we have to do to for this?

Is it possible to get free ebooks in India, but authors and publishers are paid by dept of libraries?

Share your thoughts in comments.


Free from Facebook

Past few weeks, I am calculating the usage time of my smartphone using the app – Quality Time.

It  shows that I am staring this screen for 30 hours per week. 😦

Decided to reduce it.

Did the following things.

1.Quitted Facebook

2. Unsubscribed to non reading mailing lists, converted to digest mode for few lists.

3. Removed all social media apps from mobile. The apps I have now are gmail, maps, clock, Firefox, calendar, camera, WhatsApp, camscanner, hangout.

4. Quitted most of the WhatsApp groups, except few personal friends group.


I am writing on the following blogs.

1. http://goinggnu.wordpress.com – tech

2. https://onroads.wordpress.com – life in English

3. http://tshrinivasan.blogspot.in – life in Tamil

http://kaniyam.com and http://FreeTamilEbooks.com are the sites I contribute.

subscribe to these sites or visit them often.



Will blog here on how the experiment goes. I may miss many updates from friends.But you can always mail me on tshrinivasan@gmail.com to reach me.

Send some personal mails. It has been ages I send or receive any personal mail.

Let us restart the culture of personal mails. Believe me. We will become more closer on personal mails.


See you in Email.


How to collect the details of TN Politicians?

TamilNadu has thousands of Politicians.

From councillors to MLA,s MPs etc.

We dont have a place to read their details online. It is high time to use the internet to showcase the real facts about the politicians.

We are electing only the local councillors. We should know the facts about their history, their social activities.

I am wondering, how in the world of internet, the details of politicians are not collected and stored somewhere?

On election time, I read these politicians details on newspapers. Dont know how they get these details and publish.

Shall we start a project to collect these details? Will a wiki or Drupal help?

Where can we get the details? Will Election commission share the details?


Collected few links.



– Governor <http://www.tn.gov.in/government/keycontact/197>
– Chief Minister <http://www.tn.gov.in/government/keycontact/18358>
– Council of Ministers <http://www.tn.gov.in/ministerslist>
– MPs & MLAs <http://www.tn.gov.in/government/mps>
– Departments <http://www.tn.gov.in/department>
– Districts <http://www.tn.gov.in/district_view>


Lok Sabha <http://www.tn.gov.in/government/loksaba> | Rajya Sabha

MLAs <http://www.tn.gov.in/government/mlas>
Lok Sabha <http://www.tn.gov.in/government/loksaba> | Rajya Sabha
<http://www.tn.gov.in/government/rajyasaba> | MLAs


The information in the tn.gov.in links are very few.


Reply here if you are interested in collection the details of TN politicians.

or mail to tshrinivasan@gmail.com



Welcome to the Real World – Measure and reduce the smartphone usage

I realised that I am using the smartphone too much. I started to use to kill my leisure time, but now it is killing all my time.


I was using my phone for 33 hours in last 7 days.


I always think that I dont have much time to spend on the items in my to-do list. But from where did I get the 33 hours/week. It is more than one full day. 😦


On my process to reduce the virtual life and to start living in the real world, with books, dance, music, talking with people, clearing my to-do items, writing etc, I measured the usage of the mobile with the app “Quality Time”


Found an alarming statistics.
See below for the details.


I request you to install this and measure the time you spend on virtual world with your smartphone.


It will free you from the high amount of smartphone dependency.








Reduce your internet addiction and live a real life.


Welcome to the Real World.


Book Review – The Secret Letters of the Monk Who sold his Ferrari

The best Deepavali gift I got from the Manchester Library is the book “The Secret Letters of the Monk Who sold his Ferrari” by Robin sharma.

After many years I am reading a Full Physical Non Technical Book.

After reading the book “Unplugged – how to live mindfully in a digital world”, I started to live a unplugged life.
Turning off the Mobile data connection and wifi most of the time is the immediate effect of this book.
Will write about in detail after giving a second read of it.

Then, I started to read on the Secret Letters.

Jonathan is a busy workaholic man, who is missing the happiness of family, friends and human relationship, like most of us or like me.

He was requested to travel to many part of the world in a short period of time, to collect small talismans.
This travel, the people he meet, their life ethics, the letters he get with talismans makes him and myself think a lot about the life.

  • Live an authentic life – Do what you like truely
  • Make small incremental improvements daily
  • Find the great happiness in simple pleasures
  • Conquer the fears
  • Live with kindness
  • Do lead a best life, do all small works in your full heart, do them at your best
  • Choose encouraging friends
  • The purpose of life is to Love
  • Stand for something bigger than yourself

These are the core learnings from this book.

Yes. I know all these statements already from many of our stories from schooldays.
But reading them all again with a good story, made me to redefine my life ethics once again.

I can fit into the shoes of the Jonathan, and felt like travelling and learning these stuff myself, instead of him.

Will practise the following things from now to begin a better living.

1. do all small works in your full heart, do them at your best
2. Make small incremental improvements daily
3. Find the great happiness in simple pleasures

Will do the remaining once these 3 are become a part of me.

I recommend this book to all of you to read.

Really, it gives immense pleasure to read a good book, for hours.
I dont know why I feel frustrated, after few hours of skimming over the never ending timelines on facebook and twitter.
But losing myself with this book for two full days, is a great pleasure.
I feel that I have reinvented my love on the books, once again, which I lost after I became a slave of Internet.

Decided to be unplugged most of the times.
Now, feeling better.

Though I am a Kindle Fan, reading a real book gives much pleasure.

(Wrote on our east road, longsight, Manchester home, at early morning 3.00 AM, after reading the book with great happiness. It was happened years ago to read a book day and night with all the time get.)

Streets of Manchester – Do we need to pay deposit even before viewing a flat ? – A discussion with a Fake Landlord

We moved to Manchester city two days ago.

Currently staying in a Service Apartments. Looking for house/flat for stay.

Found a flat online and emailed the landlord for further details.

Landlord Reply:

Thanks for the interest you have in my flat. The flat is still available for rent and you can stay in my flat as long as you pay your rent at when due. Here are the necessary things you need to know about the rent and deposit. Rent per calender month is £304 { includes all bills : water, gas, council tax, TV license and wireless Internet}  also Security deposit of £900 And it is protected by the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme(http://www.depositprotection.com/){Refundable after four weeks in the flat}.

However, At this stage that you want to rent my flat, i need to know some few question about you.Can you keep my flat clean and tidy? Do you have references in Manchester and do you have a landline number in which i can reach you?i will appreciate if you can get back to me with all this information. Kindly reply for further information and i will like to know where you are coming from to stay in my flat.


Thanks for the details.

I am happy with the rent and security deposit.

I will keep the house clean and tidy.

<Shared the details about ourself and landline no.>


Thanks for the reply and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. its possible for you to come for the viewing. However, i can make a perfect reservation for you as i am giving you 100% guarantee as the flat is still available. I would need to take a day off in order to come down to Manchester and schedule for the viewing. Yet some prospective tenants do not have the money to pay the rent and they disturb the landlord to arrange a viewing, so i wouldn’t like such to happen again.

More so, i have 2 other interested candidates that just provided their details for the tenancy agreement and also willing to make an advance deposit of 6months rent to secure the flat but i declined because they have a big family with 5 children, 3 cats and 2 dogs so you can imagine how i thought they wouldn’t be able to keep the flat clean and properly maintain which is my number one objective not just the rent.

Nevertheless, i will appreciate if you would be able to get the security deposit transferred now via online banking or via pay pal or locate the bank. Upon verification of payment, we proceed immediately with the viewing. We can proceed with the viewing tomorrow at 6pm or at your convenient time. Your funds will be protected and monitor by the www.depositprotection.com.

Please let me know if you are willing to proceed with the payment so that i can provide to you the bank account details. You will pay the rent after the viewing and note that making a deposit doesn’t mean you must rent my flat after the viewing, if you decide not to proceed with the rent, then i will refund the deposit immediately without any deduction.

Hope to read from you soon.


Thanks for the detailed email.

I am happy to view the property at your suitable time. Please dont
take a day off.
Any suitable time for you is fine for me.

On paying the security deposit, I think it will be nice to give in
hand and get a receipt.

I have a terrific experience on this.
I had paid such an advance for  security deposit to a landlord at
nottingham via online.
We could not get the house. But still i did not received the advance.
Still asking them to receive the amount.

Then only found this.

Hope you know all these and can understand my situation.

I am ready to pay the amount in person, at the time of viewing the property.

Please share your thoughts on this.


Thanks for getting back to me swiftly and i really do appreciate your genuine interest in the flat. I would have loved to give you my phone number to make conversation easier for the both of us  but at this time its very difficult to use the phone because i do have hearing difficulty which makes the email my best form of conversation but be sure i will be responding quickly to your inquiry via the email as i do check my messages frequently.

Also, the flat is a fully furnished one bedroom flat not shared so you staying alone as i myself am a lived out landlord so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The flat comes fully furnished and everything for your convenience; separate lounge with ,separate kitchen with built in oven and hob, free standing fridge/freezer and washing machine.  bathroom with shower/toilet/basin.

I understand your message and i know you need to be careful when dealing with someone you haven’t met or pay for what you haven’t seen yet. Firstly, i would like you to know that i am not after your hard earn money. I am a live out landlord and i have my own work of which i earn enough money for my family.

The lay down procedure was mandated by my lawyer and i because we have both been disappointed in the past by unserious people that are not ready or don’t have the money to pay for the rent or the security deposit, yet they disturb us in order to schedule a viewing and i am not willing to let that happen again. The tenant that left the flat also did the same thing and there was no problem , am pretty sure you will also like the flat and since your deposit is equally protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme so you have nothing to worry about.

I can equally send you contact details of various past tenants who did the same thing and they too were very fine  with it. Transfer of deposit is done via the bank/online banking so you should be sure its most secure and payment is made directly to my Lawyer so as soon as confirmation of payment is ascertain we schedule the viewing immediately. so assuming you are able to deposit transfer done now then be sure we proceed with the viewing tomorrow evening at 6pm or at a time convenient for you equally you can move in same day

As a private landlord here in the UK, i am guided by law under the Housing Act and i will neither advertise what i don’t have. The flat in the photos is exactly what you are coming to see on your arrival in flat. Nevertheless, i am more than willing to send my certificate of ownership as a proof of address.

Kindly let me know if you wiling to get deposit transfer done so we can proceed and avoid time wasting. I will patiently await your reply.


I understand that you are genuine.

I am very new to Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

I am still not sure on how can I get refund of money from a new person.

900 GBP is really huge for us to send to a new person.

My wife is checking with her managers for such mandatory between lawyer and landlord.

But no one knows about this.

I request you to share some more details about your lawyers and previous tenants, so that we can have some words with them too.


This page says that

For further peace of mind, it’s also worth checking if your landlord or agent is a member of an industry body such as the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), the National Landlords Scheme (NLA). the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), or the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS). Membership of these schemes indicates that a letting agent/landlord is genuine and committed to improving standards in the private rented sector.

Please share the info that if you are a member of such association.

Please dont mistake me for such queries in our initial conversations itself.

I give more priority to longtime relationships and peace of mind than the money.

This seems very new to me. Even I am landlord at chennai and we dont have such systems there to get the deposit before showing the property.

Few more questions.
1. Do I have to send 900 GBP as Deposit before even viewing the property?
2. Is it possible to make as 50 or 100 GBP and to pay the remaining on accepting the property?
Thanks for getting back to me and yes i really do appreciate your genuine interest in the flat also with your wife even as i am agreeing and fully making a perfect reservation for you with the hope that we can proceed and equally you too can move in avoid time wasting.

Just as i have previously explained that you have absolutely nothing to worry about and deposit is well protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme even its fully guarantee to be returned back to you at the end of your first month stay in the flat even if you staying for long or short term rent.

That one isn’t a member of these association listed in your previous messages doesn’t mean he/she as a landlord/agent isnt genuine as its free Organization/ Association whether you join or not doesn’t really count to me but am sure a certificate proof of ownership should be perfect for you so you can be sure of genuineness of the flat.

Also just as i have explained that i can send you details of several tenants who once stayed in the flat at one time or the other even you can contact them if you want. I will also want you to know that my Lawyer is my personal legal adviser especially on matters concerning the flats as he wouldn’t even allow me share details him but if you want at the viewing you can meet with him and then asks any question you want but am sure you will not regret renting from me.

The deposit is guarantee to be return back to you at the end of your first month stay in the flat and yes just as explained that deposit is transferred directly to Lawyer’s details of account. Once deposit is confirm with the bank we proceed with the viewing immediately also you can move in same day after the viewing as the flat is fully furnished so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

As requested, here is the details of tenants who once stayed in the flat a time or the other if you can contact them it will be appreciated sure we can proceed and finalize needed necessities.

1. catalyz635437XXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
2. Yera_adeXXXXXXXXX@outlook.com
3. mooresritaXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com

I will patiently await your response to enable us proceed.

Thanks for the details.

Unfortunately, we are not ready to send money to new persons without viewing the property.

I hope that you can understand our fears.

I am sure that I will give the deposit once we visit the property.

If paying in advance is the only option, we are sorry to say that we can not agree for letting in.

Please consider once again, to show the property and then let us sign the agreement and pay.

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly and in answer to your question, it becomes necessary that you will get deposit before we proceed with the viewing, however be very rest assured that if after the viewing you are not comfortable with the flat i will be returning back to you transfer deposit without any deduction and the monthly rent can be settled at your arrival to the flat if you decide to take it

The tenant that left the flat also did the same thing and there was no problem , am pretty sure you will also like the flat and since your deposit is equally protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme so you have nothing to worry about.

I can equally send you contact details of various past tenants who did the same thing and they too were very fine  with it. Transfer of deposit is done via the bank/online so you should be sure its most secure and payment is made directly to my Lawyer so as soon as confirmation of payment is ascertain we schedule the viewing immediately. so assuming you are able to deposit transfer done today then be sure we proceed with the viewing on tomorrow evening equally you can move in same day even though half deposit should suffice to enable us proceed, please note that i am not making it compulsory to the flat.

I wouldn’t want us to waste much time needed because there are lots of people looking to the renting of the flat and i have only decide to rent out to you as you were actually the first person
to have responded to the flat advert. I appreciate your time and interest

Thanks for the details email.

I am agreeing with you, But I can not answer the questions from wife on sending money to the new person, even without seeing, or in phone call or without seeing the property.

I am sure that previous tenents will response properly.

Even still, we have tons of fear on sending money to new persons online.

We can give money in person, at the property.

If you are not agreed with the option of getting money in person at the property,

please proceed with the next people looking for the same property.

Please dont mistake me for this hard decision.

Not a problem and thanks for your time.
Thanks for your time too.
Moral of the Story:
Dont send money to any unknown persons online, for any cause.
Cheaters are around the world.

Streets of Nottingham – Community driven Play Groups for Toddlers

Play Groups are the good concept practiced across UK for many decades. Play Group is a community driven Playschool for kids. An internet search will give the playgroups details around any place in UK.

Play group is a weekly once, two hour fun activities for kids, rub by major Churches. There is a big hall, filled with many toys, books for kids to play. Parent/care taker should be with the kid. They can sit on the chair around the hall and monitor the kids. The parents meet regularly and become friends here.

The PlayGroup team provides fruits, biscuits and drink for the kids. Kids sit together and the parents feed them. There is a kitchen where we can buy Tea/Coffee/Bread toast for low cost (40 Penny).

After some play time, the grandmas here teaches kids to sing and dance.

Every week, there will be some activity like painting, clay modelling, play with sand etc.

They charge 1 Pound and it is really worth for the facilities they provide for the kids and parents.

After the time is over, all parents clean the area together.

In Nottingham, near city center, there are 2 play groups run by two churches and one play group run by Central Library.

In UK, we can send kids to playschools, after 2 years only. Govt runs the playschools. The private schools are so costly.

I enjoy taking Viyan to the playgroup activities and he enjoys playing with other kids and huge toys there.

I dont know, why this system is not implemented in chennai.
I am thinking of creating playgroups in Tambaram once we are back.

The following are needed to create a play group:

1. A safer place, like huge hall in a home, a temple with facilities to keep the toys
2. It is good to have rest rooms, kitchen
3. A team of volunteers to manage the playgroup
4. Initial fund to buy good toys, books
5. A small amount like 10 Rs can be charged for every session
6. Weekly two hours is enough to start with
7. Publicise the Playgroup in local newspapers
8. Share your playgroup details in a blog so that search engines can find you.

This can be done anywhere in chennai, even anywhere in India.

There are govt kids schools in rural areas. But not in chennai.

But, running a community driven play group can give more facilities, more toys, more books, more activities, great collaboration with parents etc.

If you are interested in starting a playgroup, share your details here. Let us work together.

Start a playgroup in your area and share your experience.

Few snaps from the Play group at Life at the Center, Nottingam.

Book Review – Eugene Richards (55) – Good photos of a Photographer

My favourite Photographer, Eric Kim  always says as “Buy books, Not Gears”.


Eric Kim

I dont have any interest on photography books, before reading has articles. I thought all of the good photos are available on internet and it is enough to view them.

But, Eric says that the photos available as books wont be there online. We can not hear the stories of photos, when we see them online as there is big stream of photos available in the queue. Its true. When we see the photos on flickr facebook, instragram, we give only few seconds for the photos, give like or goto next. We dont have time to hear that the photos speak something.

Eric says to buy books to hear the photos and learn to see the photos. I wanted to try few books before buying. Fortunately, Nottoingham City Library is having good collection on photography books. Today took 7 books of them. Let us see, how the books taste different.

The very first book I explored is “Eugene Richards (55)

Phaidon Press is releasing small size books with 55 best photos of good photographers, with narration on each photos along with the biography of the photographer.

This book explores the photos of Eugene Richards.


Eugene Richards

The photos are in Black and white with small narration. The photos speak themself and the narration adds more voice to them. War, child birth, family, sad, death, hospital, gun and more. They are being as a snapshot of that moment.

I took more time to goto next photo as the book has only 55 photos. Each photo has some history and brings that time on front of our eyes.

I realise that we dont need great camera to create good photography. I learn to see, explore and enjoy the photographs.

I am not sure such photo books are available in Chennai libraries. Before I come back to chennai in next Feb, I will try to explore all the photo books in Nottingham Library.

Thanks Eric for introducing the powers of photo books and Nottingham Library for having loads of Photography books.

Book Review – Zen in the Art of Street Photography – Free Ebook – A must read for all Photographers

zen in street photography cover-SMALL

This is the very first ebook on Photography, which I enjoyed reading.

Eric Kim speaks in the book, as a friend.

Street Photography is the topic Eric writes on this. But, Instead of talking about the technical details on choosing the camera, it various settings, post processing etc, he talks about the lifestyle of a photographer.

Every photographer wants to get more fame. We constantly upload our works on social media, flickr, 500px, etc. We are looking for likes and comments from people. We want this more and more. When we get less comments, likes we go sad. We feel bad. We compare with other photographers follower count.

We always want to upgrade our gear. Bigger DSLR, More and more lenses, More new model cameras. We never satisfy with our current cameras.

Do you feel the same ever? This book is the answer for you.

I learnt the following from this book.

  1. If we can not satisfied with our current camera, no camera in the world will satisfy us.
  2. Spend money on getting books, travel, experiences, workshops instead of buying camera items.
  3. Stick with one camera, one lens always.
  4. Dont upload all the photos you shoot, Kill your products yourself. Show only your best photos to the world.
  5. Dont think on comments, likes, followers count. People will be flying always. You can not be a hero forever.
  6. Shoot for yourself. Enjoy the process of walking on roads, shooting, post processing.
  7. Have few friends, who care on you and give real critic comments.
  8. Be grateful whatever you have. All you have are, still a big dream for someone.
  9. Keep on learning. Failures are common.
  10. Practise Daily. Have your camera always. Be prepared to shoot the great moments.
  11. Be very slow on uploading photos. No need to upload all you shoot everyday. Take one week or more time to process them and upload really good photos only.
  12. Know your camera well. Read it manual. Your small Point and Shoot camera can create magics.
  13. Learn from good photographers. Follow them, read them.
  14. Practising Zen and Taoism can change your entire lifestyle.
  15. People wont remember you for the millions of photos you upload. One good photo for a month, one good photo for a year, one good photo for your lifetime is enough for people to remember you.
  16. Work on Projects instead of random photo shooting.

This is a free Ebook. Get your copy from http://erickimphotography.com/blog/2015/06/10/free-e-book-zen-in-the-art-of-street-photography/

All of the content in this book is “open source”— meaning you can edit, translate, remix, or distribute it openly and freely however you would like.

I recommend this book to all the photographers. This will change the way we see the world.

Thanks Eric for sharing all your experiences with the world for free. Your site is a nice gift for all the photographers.

About Eric:

Eric is very good at writing. Follow his website and read all other articles. He lst his job and then found his interest in street photography. Now, he makes life with the street photography, workshops etc.

Setup Little Free Libraries – Community driven libraries – in every street

Do you have books at you home?

Do you donate books to local library?

Do you sell your old books to old book shop?

Do you want to read books for free?

Does your govt library has only very old books?

Here is the concept of “Little Free Library”.

It is the community driven Library. Why should govt or private only run the libraries?

The concept is simple.

It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. You can, too!

see this 2 min video about it – https://vimeo.com/72957294

As any one can take any book or give any book, every time you goto the Little Free Library, you will new set of books to explore.

There are more than 25,000 Little Free Libraries around the globe registered with the site http://littlefreelibrary.org and they are still growing,

Even we can set it in our streets and start sharing a local community of readers.

Please find the locations of the Little Free Libraries in Chennai.  For more details contact the steward listed under the library.  Timings are generally during the daylight hours.

Ganapathy Colony Main Road
Timing: Steward: Moina – 9884851759

CHETPET-Harrington Road
The Silk Route,
Bungalow 14, 2nd Avenue
Harrington road, Chetpet
LFL # 18182
Timing: 11am to 5pm (Mon to Saturday)
Steward: +91 98419-76796


EGMORE-Chesney Lane
Chesney Town House,
Ethiraj Sali, Egmore,
chennai, 600008
Library is located in front of the corner townhouse on the left.
Latest Books: http://www.bookcrossing.com/hunt/20/105/31068/759088
Steward: Shannon +91 98408-35304


EGMORE-Silkworm Boutique
No. 30, Khader Nawaz Khan Road,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Timings: 10:00am-8:30pm
Steward: Hichem Osman +91 44-2833.1991/90

176 Luz Church Road, Mylapore,
Chennai 600-004
Steward: Abhimanyu 044-65651361

Rutland Gate Studio,
5/11 Rutland Gate, 4th street,
Chennai 600006
Steward: Ishani 044-28330280

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/little-free-library-of-chennai/library-locations/1447623298846405?hc_location=ufi

There is an active facebook group, which can help you to set up our own little free library.


This is the one in Egmore:


Setup such a community driven library in your street and share the books.

sharing is caring !