AMACE College Friends Meeting Memories – May 14,15-2022

“Hi machi, we are organizing a college friends meet next month. Can you join?” Vasanth texted me.

“Wow. Really? Will join for sure. Count me in.” I replied.

He added me in a WhatsApp group for the college group.

“Good to see you all here guys. Happy to see all of the DP. Can recognize most of the folks”

“Welcome da. Be careful here. This is a terror land”

“Hmm. Then I am the terrorist”

There are lot of political discussions going there. Initiated few topics and troubled many of them there.

I studied Instrumentation & Control Engineering at Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Near my native Kanchipuram, during 2000-2004.

Our college days were always filled with lot of strikes, fights, apology letters, parents calls, late night studies, bits, paper chasing at exams, sometimes meeting with local gangsters and police station, along with minimal possible studies.

After college, we all went all on different paths. It seems most of us are connected with few friends. Mostly it is the same college gang, we were hanging out with.

May 14,15 2022 is the meeting date. Vasanth, Franklin, Sankar tried their best to do all the organizing works. Tireless discussions on venue, food, event planning happened.

Yesterday is the May 14.

“Nithya. I have to go out today, to meet my college friends. Will be staying there tonight. Can you manage with all three kids?” I asked.

“Ok. Seems you are meeting them after many years. Run away. I will manage. But before going, do the laundry works and prepare food. I have to goto my dance practice classes. You can leave once I returned. Make sure all kids have eaten food and took bath.”

“Will do madam”.

Finished all the works quickly.

“I started from Bangalore in train, yesterday night itself”. Balaji texted.

“I reached the venue” This is vasanth, Franklin.

Happy to see the photos of the friends reaching the venue.

Friends are joining from Vellore, Chennai, Kanchipuram, Karaikudi, Madurai.
Good to see them they are reaching on time.

I am still at home.

“I will be late, as usual” I messaged the group.

After finishing all the works, I started and reached there by 2 pm.

It is a beautiful 4 BHK villa, with a neat lawn and good swimming pool, near Beach, next to VGP at ECR road.

Vasanth gave a T Shirt. He bought a blue Tshirt for all of us. Though it is L size, I struggled a lot to wear it. I am L till shoulders and XXL below shoulders. But happy to see many big belly there similar to me.

We started to introduce ourself as it is a group with guys from all the departments. Good to know about many guys. Most of us have very bad starting days on career, somehow survived and excelled on the career path.

Happy that all are in good positions with great family.

“Hi Scale, Stop it. This is the limit”. Everyone shouted on him.

“I am alright” Scale rejected.

After some time,

“I am sleepy. Where is the bed?” Balaji asked.

“Che. You never try to change da. You moron” I made him rest on bed.

“Guys. Who all are young enough to play Kabadi?” VijayKanth asked.

“We are already crossed half life. No enough energy to break our bones. Those are only on college days. Not for now”

“You old uncles. Get lost” He shouted.

“Hei guys. Anyone willing to jump on Swimming Pool?” This is Chandrakumar.

“Dhummm. Dhummm. Dhummmmmmmmm.”

Within few minutes, most of the guys are inside the pool.

“Let us start the Volleyball. two teams. 21 points.” Siddq started the game.

For the next one hour, it was a war on the pool. Even school kids can play better, without cheating. Appointed 2 umpires to avoid foul games. Still we can not stop the fun on cheating each other team.

“I never seen such a bad group”. The pool told to the water.

“Me too”. Water accepted.

Franklin arranged for Tea.

At 6 pm, we arranged for a Zoom call with all friends who can not join the meetup.

Franklin started the meet on his Tablet. Few friends joined. But the audio was very low.

I gave my JBL bluetooth speaker to connect. Still very low volume.

“We have many IT experts, we can not fix the low audio. Very shame da”

“Hahaha. Shame is not new for us da.”

Happy to see many folks joined on Zoom call. Friends are from all around the world.

Franklin narrated his challenges on running a architect business.
Vijaykanth shared his experiences.
Balaji shared his views on Instrumentation related jobs.
Ashok explained how it is difficult to form a good tech team.
I explained on the Kaniyam and open source works and asked for contributors.
People started to chat in groups.

“Guys, sit as a big round. Tell your interesting college memories” Vasanth ordered.

“Wake up that Scale. He is missing all the fun”. Prabhu asked.
Scale came asking “Where am I” and joined.

“In my hostel days, here are my ragging stories” Ashok started.

“Do you know scale ragged our own classmate?”

“Do you remember why we broke the chairs at hostel?”

“That senior was looting all the money from us”

“Hostel warden threatened us. We gave him good feedback”

“That hostel food was so awesome”

“Do you remember the love story of him and her?”

“What she is doing now?”

“I dont know why I was beating you that time. Sorry machi”

“Here is the story of the fight with local gangsters”

“You made me to sit on police station”

“The seniors broke my head on a fight”

“I got found when I was doing a paper chase on exams”

“She accepted the proposal and asked for marriage immediately. He ran away on seeing her boldness”

“I dont know why I was crying by seeing you on the last day of the college. Sorry machi”

“Sorry machi. I too dont know who you are and why you were crying. I never seen you in college. I thought that you might ask me some money. You should cry on me when we leave tomorrow. I wont let you go, if you dont cry on me”.

“The staff did not know that I am a student. They never seen me on the lab. They failed me computer lab in first year.” I too told many interesting memories of college days.

“I did not know that “E” on the microprocessor is “Executed” Not “Error”

Shhh. This list is very long. It is highly filtered, to make the blog everyone to read.

“Whatever we speak here, let them be here itself”

Arun joined at night. he started to sing songs as usual. Few friends started to dance. The DJ was enjoyable. Good to see guys are being themself here.

We were speaking with different folks, till early morning 4.
The more dark it goes, the more people become philosophers.
We discussed all things under the sun.

“See there. Ashok is going to beach at 2 AM. Stop him” Ranjith shouted.

Myself and Prabhu pulled him back and sent him inside the room.

Prabhu and Myself were discussing all the good memories till 4 AM.
Then I slept.

Next day, 7 AM.

Already guys went to beach.
I too joined with them.

“We should meet again”

“Next time, let us meet In Thailand”

“Why cant we arrange for a family get together?”

“We can. But we will come as family and return with Divorse Notice”

“I will reduce the belly before next meet”

“Me too” All said in chorus.

Yes. Very few of us are fit. Most of us have belly. Few are oval in shape. Few are in round shape.

“Guys, make sure to be alive before our next meet”

“It seems most us will have Sugar, BP soon. Do some workout daily”

Franklin ordered food. It seems the food was waiting at a signal for long time. After all the signal clearance, we received food. We returned the empty vessels very quickly.

When we are prepared to start, Prasath joined as very last late comer. Welcomed him. Took him to tea shop and got to see good discussions there.

Everybody started. Myself and Prabhu are the last.

The lawn, the swimming pool, the bedsheets on the floor and bed were telling the stories of the gang of happpy friends.

I could still hear that Arun singing “Mustafa, Mustafa song”. I could see Vijaykanth and others were dancing .

“Hmmmm. Time to leave Prabhu. I have to make food for kids. Sunday is my kitchen day”. I started to home, seeing that prabhu started his car.

Even after reaching home, I could hear all the shouting of the buys.
That is the sound I am missing for 18 years.
Thanks guys for giving me the great moments of our college life.

Thanks to franklin, Sankar and Vasanth for organizing the lifetime memorable event. Thanks for all the participants.

See you all again soon. Stay alive. Stay healthy till then.

One thought on “AMACE College Friends Meeting Memories – May 14,15-2022

  1. Wow! I really wish such meetup happened one day with my college friends. At least I can image it happened to me already. Thanks for blogging your memories, Shrini 🙂

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