Capturing Green Garden at our home

Last week, I went to my hometown kanchipuram, to meet mom and dad.

They both are busy with making their green garden. Took few photographs of the garden.

All the photos are taken using Realme X2 smartphone.

We don’t need expensive DLSR always for good photos. Smartphones nowadays have good features. All we need are patience and passion on photographs.

The view from our hall


Right side garden

Left side garden

I bought a teak wood plant for Rs.1 around year 2000. Now it is a big tree at 2020

This is the tree I used to climb up and play with friends when I was a kid

This is a green rose

Left side garden

Capturing green plants is a good photography project. When the wind is gently shacking the small plants and leaves, it will be a good practise to bring focus.

On my school days, it was my duty to water the garden, daily in evening. When my friends were playing, I would watering them. I hated that task. Still my parents imposed that task on me.

After many years, I realised how good the gardening is. Having a garden is a treasure nowadays. Not all get a garden.

Though you don’t like what your parents ask you to do, do them. Time will teach you the worth of those tasks.

If you have a little time around morning or evening, goto nearby garden or park and try capturing the green with your phone or camera.

The results will show you a very different world.

For the full photos collection, see here –

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