Do you like Black and white photographs?

Though we live in colourful 2020, though black and white photos are very old, it is still wonderful to create b/w photos.

Black and white photos remove the extra, unwanted things and expose only the expressions of the subjects.

We can feel like what the subject of the photo feels.

Here are some of my b/w photos I like much.

If you want to add some good feel to your photos, try converting to black and white. Try high key which will give you white back ground. Try increasing the brightness and contrast to get various effects.

Always keep a copy of original color photos.

My friend balaji listens to a talk

My friend Jayantnath listens to a talk

Prof Thamizhpparithi Maari explains some topic

Arul and Lenin listens

Writer yearcaud elango smiles

Sentamil kothi sir listens to Sridar in right

Iyal looks at me

Vaishnavi and bharathi

Iyal wonders how to solve runic cube

Viyan and Iyal

Sh…. Paari is sleeping.

Iyal and Viyan

Viyan smiles

Iyal imitates some heroine

Paari is wondering what is happening in this world