Freezing the moments with Realme X2 smartphone

CSI Church, Tambaram bus stand, Took on Realme X2 phone

I like seeing photos from my school days. They are the snapshots of that moment. They free the time and make the viewer to live that time.

I have a Canon g7x camera. It is a DSLR but in pocket size. It can do great magics.

Recently I bought a smartphone. Realme X2. For my wonder, this small rat has beast kind of great features and good quality.

The above photo was captured with realme x2 phone. I took it while waiting to cross the signal at evening 7 pm.

The lights and dark sky gave a nice view to capture it.

Tambaram bus stand, Realme X2 Phone

Got this colourful view on the right side. Can’t believe that Tambaram bus stand can look this beautiful.

Thanks for the modern mobile phones for helping the human to freeze the wonderful moments and embrace them.