Pongal Greeting cards 2020

Our kids have created pongal greetings cards and send to friends, relatives for the third year.

Viyan, Iyal and their friends drew many cards.

When I asked for post cards in bulk at post office, they scared at me and denied as no stock. Then, nearby shop owner donated all his cards.

It has been a good event for all the kids to sit and draw together. Viyan has grown from scrapping to good drawings.

Iyal saw the postbox for the first time. They both wondered to know the process and happy to drop the cards on the box.

Its our pleasure the fill their childhood with good events and great memories.

If you need a postcard next year, drop me an email with your address ( tshrinivasan@gmail.com )

Try to create a card and send to someone dear for you. It is so wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Pongal Greeting cards 2020

  1. Why were they post office employees scared and denied? Was it because they needed to do some work to send it to the destination?
    Just curious.. to whom did you send it to?

    • They have very low count of post cards. These bulk purchase is unexpected for them.

      They need some minimum inventory to keep for emergencies.

      We sent the cards to my friend’s kids, viyan’s friends and schools.

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