Welcome to new girl baby to our family – “Iyal” – இயல் – Thanks to cara.nic.in

Hello all,

Happy to inform you that we have a new member added to our family last month.

She is a 3 years old Girl Baby. We adopted her from Grace Kennett Foundation Hospital, Madurai

We named her as “Iyal” –  இயல் – meaning as Nature and Prose of Tamil Language.

All in our family are happy for Iyal.
She is a brilliant, kind and joyful kid.

she goes to a nearby pre school now.

I thank all our family, relatives, neighbors and friends for their great support.

It is myself and Nithya’s decision to adopt a girl baby after Viyan.We applied at http://cara.nic.in in early-2017. It is a national level website to register for adoption.

Cara site  = Central Adoption Resoursce Authority, by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India

We can select the sex, 3 states and age range of the kid.
We selected as Female, TN, Kerala, Andra and 2-4 as age range.

After we submitted, the customer care team called us and got details about us. Then, A social worker from their team visited our house. She enquired about our profession and support from family.

After she gave approval with Home Study Report, we were put up on a national level queue. It was long. Once in a while, we check the website and saw the queue was moving slowly.

In the meantime, we have spoken many times to cara support team for various questions and doubts. They gave great support to clear all our doubts and queries.

After a waiting period of around 2 years, We got email and SMS from Cara website that we got a matching kid at madurai. We went there, met the Grace Kennett team and the Kid. They are very supportive. The next week, went there along with our parents and come back home with Iyal.

Viyan is so happy for his sister. She is playing well with all the kids in our flats.

Here are links for the process:

Eligibility criteria for prospective adoptive parents

Adoption Procedure for Resident Indians

Document Required

Register here

For any queries, feel free to contact cara
Toll free help line no. 1800-11-1311
Email : carahdesk[dot]wcd[at]nic[dot]in

You can contact your nearby Specialised Adoption Agencies

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