Visited My college AMACE on Sep 22, 2018

When life is kicking me on all the sides, I am always looking for some rewind.

The old friends are like old Rum. The older, the sweeter.

Few weeks back, Arvind and Rajanna, my college classmates called me and shared their plan of AMACE visit. Who will miss this great opportunity!

On sep 22, Sudharsan call me and told that he was waiting near Tambaram.
I joined him on 30 min.

Soon Vijaykanth and Dinesh came on a car.
We jumped on the car and VRoooooooooooooom.

Talking with our friends is one of most glorious moments.
We had all fun talks.

Reached college at noon.

The Library welcomed us.
It was the place where I spent most of my college times.
The librarians recognized us even after 14 years.

Soon, Arvind, Rajanna and their friends from AP, Banglore reached college.

Then all went to our classrooms.

Could hear the echos of our sounds, inside my mind.

The dark corridors, steps, the benches, the labs, the canteen, the grounds, the hostel.


Those golden days will be there only on our memories.

The jokes we told, the whispers, the secrets, the scolds of the teachers, the fights we had, the events, the boring classes, fearful exams, life threatening lab exams, the strikes, the sport matches, the mass bunks, the class cut movies….

We got an opportunity to rewind our life. We went 14 years back and life our lives for few moments.

It is so sad to see the current situation of the college.
The total strength itself below 100, including all departments.

This year new admission is only 8.

Most of the buildings, classrooms, hostel rooms are empty and closed.

On our times, we had housefull of class rooms, around 600 students in our batch itself.

Dont know what will happen to our college in the next years.

With sad feelings, we departed. Our college gladly sent a college bus to drop all of us in kanchipuram.

Vijaykanth, dropped me in Tambaram.

It is so hard to come back to real life.

Thanks guys for sending me back to our golden days.


Will be waiting always for our next meet and visit to our college.

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