Free from Facebook

Past few weeks, I am calculating the usage time of my smartphone using the app – Quality Time.

It  shows that I am staring this screen for 30 hours per week. 😦

Decided to reduce it.

Did the following things.

1.Quitted Facebook

2. Unsubscribed to non reading mailing lists, converted to digest mode for few lists.

3. Removed all social media apps from mobile. The apps I have now are gmail, maps, clock, Firefox, calendar, camera, WhatsApp, camscanner, hangout.

4. Quitted most of the WhatsApp groups, except few personal friends group.


I am writing on the following blogs.

1. – tech

2. – life in English

3. – life in Tamil and are the sites I contribute.

subscribe to these sites or visit them often.



Will blog here on how the experiment goes. I may miss many updates from friends.But you can always mail me on to reach me.

Send some personal mails. It has been ages I send or receive any personal mail.

Let us restart the culture of personal mails. Believe me. We will become more closer on personal mails.


See you in Email.


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