Welcome to the Real World – Measure and reduce the smartphone usage

I realised that I am using the smartphone too much. I started to use to kill my leisure time, but now it is killing all my time.


I was using my phone for 33 hours in last 7 days.


I always think that I dont have much time to spend on the items in my to-do list. But from where did I get the 33 hours/week. It is more than one full day. 😦


On my process to reduce the virtual life and to start living in the real world, with books, dance, music, talking with people, clearing my to-do items, writing etc, I measured the usage of the mobile with the app “Quality Time”


Found an alarming statistics.
See below for the details.


I request you to install this and measure the time you spend on virtual world with your smartphone.


It will free you from the high amount of smartphone dependency.








Reduce your internet addiction and live a real life.


Welcome to the Real World.



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