Book Review – Eugene Richards (55) – Good photos of a Photographer

My favourite Photographer, Eric Kim  always says as “Buy books, Not Gears”.

Eric Kim

I dont have any interest on photography books, before reading has articles. I thought all of the good photos are available on internet and it is enough to view them.

But, Eric says that the photos available as books wont be there online. We can not hear the stories of photos, when we see them online as there is big stream of photos available in the queue. Its true. When we see the photos on flickr facebook, instragram, we give only few seconds for the photos, give like or goto next. We dont have time to hear that the photos speak something.

Eric says to buy books to hear the photos and learn to see the photos. I wanted to try few books before buying. Fortunately, Nottoingham City Library is having good collection on photography books. Today took 7 books of them. Let us see, how the books taste different.

The very first book I explored is “Eugene Richards (55)

Phaidon Press is releasing small size books with 55 best photos of good photographers, with narration on each photos along with the biography of the photographer.

This book explores the photos of Eugene Richards.

Eugene Richards

The photos are in Black and white with small narration. The photos speak themself and the narration adds more voice to them. War, child birth, family, sad, death, hospital, gun and more. They are being as a snapshot of that moment.

I took more time to goto next photo as the book has only 55 photos. Each photo has some history and brings that time on front of our eyes.

I realise that we dont need great camera to create good photography. I learn to see, explore and enjoy the photographs.

I am not sure such photo books are available in Chennai libraries. Before I come back to chennai in next Feb, I will try to explore all the photo books in Nottingham Library.

Thanks Eric for introducing the powers of photo books and Nottingham Library for having loads of Photography books.


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