Exploring the Smartest Phone – Nokia 130

I was using the smartphones for past 2 years. Started from Samsung, then Sony and HTC one X+. I could not do many things with the 512MB RAMed Samsung and Sony Phones. Though it was so much costly, I decided to buy 1GB RAMed HTC One X+.


It helped me to do many things. Most of my online activities were from phone only.

Email and Twitter are the most used applications. I used to reply to emails and twitter notifications as soon as possible. Many people appreciated me for the immediate replies.

And then WhatsApp came.

Met all my friends there. Became addicted to that.

I am in more then 25 groups. Office Team, Schoolmates, College Department, College Batch, Areamates, Linux users group friends and more.

It was so much informative, much fun to see the videos, read stories and messages. It gave a feel that living with all my friends. I got never bored. I have something to read on mobile, ALWAYS.

Everyday morning, some 200 messages will be waiting on my mobile.

I was checking for updates even in traffic signals, shops. Many times, I had forget the things I bought on the shop.

I stopped reading books and my Kindle took good rest. 😦

I had to be online always to be connected and to get updates, at the cost of battery. My mobile turned into a landline as I used to charge it daily. I have to take the charger, wherever I go.

On long travels, I phone would die and I had to ask my next seater, for updating home my arrival.

I wanted to stop this addiction but could not make it.

ONE FINE Day. Dec 4, 2015.

The battery was dead. As it was inbuilt battery, we have to change the entire inner things on the phone. For that cost, we can buy 2 really good smartphones.

Will this situation help me to get out of the internet addiction?

Decided to explore the basic phones.

It is taking much time to get a nice Basic Model Phone.I dont want to spend more than 2000 INR.

After 2 days search, bought Nokia 130.

Nokia 130 durable

It is a nice smartest phone. It lets you to do all the things in the real world.

Not in the virtual world.

Yes. We can only speak with people. The extra things we can do are to text, to hear music, to know time, to set alarm, as torchlight.

The days are so peaceful without internet on phone.

I started to read books on Kindle.

The BATTERY itself a power bank. It stands for a week for a one full charge. Here, Kindle wins. It withstands for a month. But, one week charge seems a blessings.

I started to like this smartest phone for the same reasons I like Kindle.

It follows the Unix Philosophy. “Do one thing at a time, and do it well”.


I have a iPad mini for taking photographs and reading articles from Pocket. It helps to manage my online life, when the laptop is closed.

Good thing is iPad does not have whatsapp.

I am much distraction free now and living a happy life.

What do I do now?

  • I check emails only twice in a day. There will be delay in replies. Thanks for your patience.
  • I am interacting much with the real people around me.
  • Heard the story of the watchman, shop keeper, talking more with office friends.
  • Observing people on the signals.
  • Writing on a real notebook for ToDo lists and completing most of them.
  • Calling my friends and hearing their voice.
  • Making a habit of calling atleast one friend a day and talk something.

Started to live a real life, happily.

Nokia 130 music


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