Hello NetCalyx

Can you believe that a single email changed my entire life?


It was July 2004.

Bala and me in 2004


I finished College and searching for a job in computer field.

Created my first email address. But nobody sent email to me.


Read in a magazine(Linux For You) about “Mailing Lists” and “Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai“.


Just to see some emails in my inbox, subscribed to that mailing list. 🙂

Yes. Got many emails. But, most of them were greek and latin for me.

Still, I was reading them as GNU/Linux was so new to me and the name was very interesting.


One day, Mr.Chandrashekar Babu, sent an email about his free shell scripting class.

Chandrashekar Babu




Shell Scripting Class !

Free ! !


I dont wanted to miss this class and email him to register.


Myself and My friend Balavignesh, attended the class.

Class was so interesting and we started to love the black screen of GNU/Linux.


Met Franklin, Manoj sir from St.Joseph Engineering College and his student Senthil there.


After the free class, we decided to learn GNU/Linux in details and requested for full courses.


Our Guru agreed for full time course.

He inspired us in all the ways so that me and bala decided that GNU/Linux is the way, we have to walk and live.


Till then, we were die hard fans of Windows.

But the GNU/Linux philosophies, changed us entirely.


We were freelancing for one year.

In the meantime, we went to Senthil’s college for a workshop and training.


Then, me and bala joined Lucas-TVS.

Senthil finished college.


We were exploring most of the languages and technologies in GNU/Linux.

Senthil and his friends Ajith, Arun, Arvind started a Tech startup.


I was helping them to migrate to GNU/Linux and setting up the servers.

Also we had a great brainstorming about new innovations such as IPTV and Web Security.


After 3 years, I moved to CollabNet. (Thanks to Bhuvan of ILUGC for the call)

Still, I used to answer their queries in ilugc list.

Senthil and team asked for suggestions for their server issues on our monthly meetings.


Senthil founded “NetCalyx Technologies” with few other partners in Chennai which is having focus on the product development and supporting the budding startups.



Ajith went to USA for his higher studies.

After his masters studies, Ajith joined with his friend Karan and co-founded a startup “DropThought”. A company that works on getting Instant Feedback from the users for various events, hotels, meetings and analyse the data.

Myself and My brother Arulalan were part of initial discussions on the startup for creating prototypes using python for social media data analysis.


Senthil travelled to USA to expand his network for the better understanding of the market demands and worked with few Fortune 500 organization. During that time senthil supported ajith for any technical brainstorming and  ajith/karan decided that senthil has to be with them to join with them.


Now, Senthil is a VP of Engineering for DropThought.




Two years ago, Senthil called me to join the team.

I was not in the position that time to join them.

Still, he used to share his happiness about the growth of the company with me, often.


For a long time, I wanted to explore more on GNU/Linux system administration.

Found that Senthil also looking for a known person to  improve the architecture more secure and scalable.

Decided to join with them.


It was very tough decision I made ever, to leave CollabNet, after 6 years of great happy life there.


Joined NetCalyx yesterday.


Hope the new journey will be more adventurous.


I am wondering, if bala can join with us.

We will invite our guru, Chandrashekar for a training 🙂


I thank Chandrashekar sir, for sowing seeds of FOSS with us.

Thanks for the ILUGC community for bringing more friends and keeping us together, forever.


2 thoughts on “Hello NetCalyx

  1. நல்ல எழுதி இருக்கீங்க நட்பு மேலும் மலர எனது வாழ்த்துக்கள்…

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