Good Bye CollabNet

Hello friends.

It is really tough for me to type this email.

Leaving people is so painful.

CollabNet is like my Family. In the six years of life here, I found who I am. I explored the world, learnt tons of things.

I got a great team who are my extended family. Just like family members, you all helped me to grow, mentored in tough times, cherished my successes, guided me on odd situations.

We trekked a lot, went for tours, marriages, treated a lot, worked hard for days, continuous shifts, long drived in the midnight, danced in parties, conducted many trainings, sessions, Fought a lot on Gnu/Linux VS Windows. All the moments are so great and will be there in my heart forever.

Its time for me to follow my dreams and to move on in the career path.

This is my last day in CollabNet.

With tons and tons of great, sweet memories I am saying a “Bye” to my family.

Thanks all my friends here.

A special Thanks to Mohan. We are really blessed to work with him. He inspired me a lot. He changed the way I see people. The long running discussions with him in the deep jungle, in the road side shops, in the long drives, in the lunch talks sculptured me.. If I am kind, respectful, thankful, say it is mohan’s touch.

Thanks for our customers for giving great challenges to play on.

Being in touch is very easy with our digital connectivity and very tough with our digital distractions.

But, we are in touch with the people who are touching our lives.

I will be sharing my happiness and will be seeking help from my friends here  🙂

Good Bye.


With this email, I finished my last day at CollabNet on Sep 12, 2014

Gifted the book “Eat That Frog” to my dear ones.

Thanks for for bulk delivering the book.

The last speech with the team is so fun filled.

My team sent off with loads of gifts,greetings, and wishes.

I am so so blessed to have you all in my life.

Thanks friends.


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