Hello world !

It is 26.03.2014 early morning.

It seems something great happening around.

All are being so hurry.

I started moving slowly. I was floating in water.

Suddenly, I came to a new environment. All around smiled.

Chill air splashed on me.

“Hello world ! ”

“Happy to see you all. ”

“Nice to see you mom.”

Nobody seems understanding my conversation with them.

But they tell that I am crying.

Mom smiles at me.
She introduces me dad.

“Hello dad ! ”

It is a good feeling that able to move all my hands and legs freely.

I feel sleepy. Need some rest. Here it is so bright.

so many new people seeing me with huge smile.

All are so happy to see me.
I am also so happy to see all.

Dad is on phone calling all his friends to share the good news about me.

I am writing on my dad’s blog for now. Very soon I will meet you all with my own blog. 🙂

Happy to see you all soon.

Signing out now.


We are blessed with a prince today morning.

Both mom and kid are fine.

Thanks for all your wishes and prayers.


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