I am Flying

I got an opportunity to goto our office’s head quarters in Brisbane, San Fransisco, USA for a month.

Like to share the experiences and observations here.

My brother Suresh, and his friends, helped a lot on the last minute purchase.

I had a huge list of stuffs to buy.
Bought them and packed all.

We can take 2 big bags with 23 Kg each and hand luggage of 7 Kg.

I missed to get Visa for my wife too. Felt bad lot for missing her.
Should plan well for taking spouse/kids for traveling with them.

Reached Airport in the midnight with family.

Those moments are really cherishable.
This is the very first time, I miss the family for a long time. ( hehehe. one month ).

Aeroplane is one of the great things, we used to wonder from our school days.

It is a great feeling to realize that our dreams are becoming true.

I am crossing the Chennai Airport daily.


Whenever I see a Flight overhead, seeing it as a kid sees it. 🙂

Airport is filled with lot of people, just like a bus stand.

After a long queue and processes like checking passport, visa and immigration

I entered into the Flight.

Felt like flying.

Wait.Wait.Wait. The flight did not started yet.

I got a Window Seat.
This is very early morning, around 3 AM
Can see other huge flights moving around, filling fuels, loading things, unloading huge boxes etc.

The Pilot introduced himself.
There was an announcement in Arab and English for security alerts.
Pilot announced as “Flight Started“.

It started just like a bus, but in few minutes, it climbed up.

Felt the difference in the body. Little jerk and dumps in ears.
It lasted for only few minutes.

Now I can see the Chennai in dark.
It is glowing with lights, lights and lights.

The roads are becoming small and small as I go height.

Chennai is really glittering in the night.


It is interesting to see the huge Chennai is shrinking like zooming out a photo.

Slowly, the Chennai is disappeared from the eyesight.

Now, only darkness everywhere.

Inside the flight, all people settled down.

Air hosts are helping people to settle.

Emirates, is the Flight Service I am in.
They are very much concern on providing all the details in Arab and English.
The screen opposite to the seat is displaying the security, seat belt systems,

emergency exit, oxygen flow systems etc in Arab and then in English.

Good. I wondered and wished their love on their language.

Dont know any of the India based International Flight services announces in any of the Indian Language.

Reply here, if you have experience on this.

Felt tired and slept for a while.

Suddenly, a voice woke up me.

“Do you need anything to eat? Sir?”

“Eat”. On hearing this word, all my sleep went away.

“Yes. What do you have?”

“Here is the Menu sir. You ordered for Veg food. Here they are”

“Good. Thanks. Get me some Juice too”.

“Sure Sir. Here it is”.

Had some good Chapathi and Orange Juice.

Good enough to give another deep sleep.

After 4 hours, reached Dubai Airport.

I had my friends Shiva and Sadiq with me.
They are experienced in US travel.

So, I just followed them.
They were making fun on the stuffs around us.

It is one of the huge airports.
It has a nice shopping center inside it.
It also had all announcements/advertisements/boards
in Arabic and English.

No place is only with English words.

We waited there 2 hours to get the next connecting Flight to San Fransisco.

After finishing the checks, we jumped into the next Flight.


It is really huge. It has to fly for 17 hours, to reach SFO.
The TV Screen in front of us is loaded with all the entertainment stuff.
Movies in most of the languages,music and talkshows too.

I saw the movies Toy Story, Mars needs Moms, The Smurfs 2.

I took my Kindle with me. It gave a good time for me to read a lot.

Read the following Books.
Free For all
Tuesdays with Morrie
Immortals of Meluha

I wrote some text about python in Tamil too.

We have to plan well for this 17 hour travel.
Else, it will be boring and will seems very long.
These books helped me much to keep moving with the time.

We should not take the window seat in this flight.

We should not wake any nearby persons to move out of the seat.
The sear near the walking path is the best seat.
We can walk around anytime, without asking anyone.

It is a great wonder to see out through the windows.

We can see the white clouds every where.

Clouds below us, though us and above us.
Some times the deep sea.

Some times, green lands with hills.



Thanks to all the science and technology which made man to

get new experiences.

After the long travel, here comes THE USA.

Pilot announced that we reached SFO in Arab and English.
Good. They use Arab, wherever they go.

San Fransisco Airport:

Standing in Long queue to complete the checks and immigrations.
They asked me many questions about my travel cause and plan.
Then he started his fun talks.

“Welcome to USA. Marry a girl here and have a great life”.

“Oops. I got married already”.
“So what?”
“My wife will search, find and kill me.”
“Hmmm. All wifes are like that only”.

In another check, they opened all my bags and checked for all the stuff inside.

Then they let me go.

I came out to see shiva and sadiq waiting for me, outside.

San Fransisco


The chill air welcomed us.
It is around 3 PM.
The roads are neat and clean.

We got a shuttle to our hotel stay.

Reached hotel. Registered and got into our rooms.

Chill, Chill, Chill.
It is chill like December month in Chennai.

Mohan, my manager came to pick me from hotel.
He took me to his home.

Had a good dinner at his home.

Dropped me at hotel.

It was night 10.30 PM.
I can not sleep, due to Jet lag.
Body is so tired and asking me to rest.

But, mind is fully open.

Is it the USA ?

Happy. 🙂

I know all these excitement will be there for a day.
The next day will become a normal one.

Started to read in my kindle.

Some Photos are available here.


11 thoughts on “I am Flying

  1. Loved the way you made us travel along with you.. If this would be someone else, they would have posted 10,000 pics in facebook and 20,000 tweets about US, but i was really surprised with this cool post which you have written.. 🙂 Wish you have great time 🙂

  2. அமெரிக்கா ஒரு கனவு உலகம்….

    அங்கு சென்று வருவது பலருக்கும் ஒரு நெடிய கனவு….


    அங்குள்ள தமிழர்களை சந்தித்து தமிழ் பற்றிய சிந்தனைகளை தெரிந்து எழுதவும்

    அமெரிக்காவில் வாழும் இளைய வயதுடைய தமிழர்கள் எவ்வாறு தமிழை ஏற்கின்றனர் என்று தெரிந்து எழுதவும்.


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