CANCLLED : Sri Vani Niliyam School – Kanchipuram – Alumni Meet – Invitation

NOTE : This meetup is canceled due to unavoidable situation from school management.
We will try to organize another meetup soon.

Please Inform this to all your friends.


Sri Vani Niliyam Middle School, Kanchipuram

is the heaven, where we lived our 8 years.

Though the school is small,
though it is dark,
though it is so strict,
though the teachers give homeworks,
though we have to lift a huge bag,
though we fight with our classmates,
though we fail in some subjects,
though we are caught in copying in exams,
though our father refuse to sign in rank cards,
though we hate the fair note writing,
though we cheat from after-exam-answer writing,
though we have school in all saturdays,
though we have to stand in a long queue for free lunch,
though we have to walk a long to reach the school,
though we stand outside in prayer time,
though we see our name in blackboard as dis-obedient,
though our uniforms are torn and dirty,
though our hands shiver in the exams,
though we get 100 times impositions,
though we dont have get any playground,

we love our school days, more than anything.

Do you wonder is it possible to add a ‘rewind’ button in your life?
Do you love to come back to our school?
Do you miss our teachers to share your life’s great moments?

Come. Let us have an alumni meet our old school.
Let us check our names on the benches.
Let us listen our whispers on the wind.
Let us hear the sounds of the chorus repeats of the teachers,
Let us meet our friends and fight for the seat, once again.

Venue : Sri Vani Niliyam School, Adisenpet Cheeti Street, Kanchipuram.

Date : October 2, 2011  — CANCELED
Time : 10.00  AM – 4.00 PMCANCELED

Invite all our friends, seniors, juniors, teachers.

Spread the word to rewind our life.

Meet you there.

Contact :
Shrinivasan – 9841795468
Loganathan – 9994368007
Suresh – 9600152989
Sathish – 9894751812


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