The end of a 28 years search

I dont know when I started looking for girls. 🙂

May be from birth.

Schools, College, Office life are filled with girls around. Loads and loads of love. hmmm? Its not me.
Got so many lovers around me. Played a key role in some of the loves too.

But still, not found a heart breaking person to love. Is it a bliss or a curse ?

Lot of puppy loves were there. The problem is that they are LOT. hahaha.

The days were busy with technologies, services, and the treks,tours to explore the nature. No time to select a single girl to go around with.

Sometimes, If I thought of proposing a pretty girl, she might call me as a ‘brother’ on a beautiful day. Have many ‘sisters’ like this. Else, she will introduce her lover to me, who will become a brother-in-law to me very soon.

“Dont worry shrini. You will your girl soon.” Boring dialogue from all my friends. It is tough to hear the same for years.

Park, Beach, pub, disc, Temple, Library,Mall, TNagar, Search is so long.

“Ok Shrini. Let us stop here. Let us concentrate on adding more meanings to life than searching for a girl.” I told to myself. Started to do tons of stuff for the opensource community and for personal growth.

“Hai shrini. Shall we go for a girl’s home tomorrow? Can you get a leave? “
Dad and mom asked me last thursday, 3 days ago.

“Yes. With pleasure. Will be missing some fun at office. But still, they will allow me to work from home for a day”

I dont know how a single “Yes” can change my life.

Parents were searching for girl in many cities and towns. Distant cities and towns also in search area. But, cant find any one with full satisfactions like astrology, veggie, etc.

As a wonder, this time, we goto the next street itself. Yes. she lives in next street and I am missing her for years.

Friday morning. Full of excitement. Dad,Mom,myself, and brother are in her home. Cute little home. Elders  started to talk a lot of common unimportant stuff.

Surprisingly, her dad started report on his pirated windows 7 and asking the possibilities
of installing Linux in his laptop. He already explored linux in his office.
I love to answer these questions all the time.
But never expected this discussion at this place.

“Where is she? Who is she? ” it is me to myself.

“Need Coffee? ” Her mom asked.
“Here it is”. She is bringing the coffee cups in a trey.

“Stop. Stop. Stop. The girl, only, should give coffee to all. Not her mom. How can I say that to you? Does nobody watches Tamil Movies?” How can I say it loudly?

Thank god. Her mom goes to a nearby closed room. Yes. They too watch tamil movies.

The door opens. An angel starts to walk. Thousands of lights, trumpets, music, hummings etc.
No. No. No. Thats not true.

The door opens. A pretty girl in saree comes with coffee.
“Is it a dream?”
“Take the coffee. Talk to yourself later”

She sits in front of me. It is very tough to face her in front of all elders, who are looking at me.

Little corner eye looks. She also in same boat.

“Is it she?”
“Is it he?

I might have seen her somewhere. Cant recollect where did I see.
May be in last birth. Bad memory.

“Shall I ask her to sing a song? Dance?”
“She already started to talk something. Answering questions. It seems that she is singing”.

The first electrifying eye contact.

“Dont excite much shrini. It may happen or may not” to myself.
“Ofcourse. But, it thrills”

Yes. she is vegetarian, works at a good company for her passion, not much culture difference, can read tamil, looks nice.
What else you need?

“Boy,Girl, Do you need a private talk?” someone asked.
“Sure” both replied.

First talk is so much excited. Dont ask me what we talked. 🙂
Had a chat for around 15 min, talking funny stuff around us.

I dont know what she thinks on me. let us see.
she has to catch train at 10.30 am to goto office. It is already 10. Let us leave her now.

“Okey. We are leaving. Let us discuss in home and update you soon” Mom told.
She becomes a normal office going girl from a bride.
She starts to office. 

After a lot of thinking, I said
to my parents.
Another “YES” which changes my world.

Day was busy with office works and some continuous interview calls.

She has announced her “Yes” already to parents in phone.
They called us for a discussion in the evening.

“So, Both agreed. How to proceed now?” Her dad asked.
“Let us have a small agreement function coming sunday, the day after tomorrow”
“Shrini, is it okey?” mom asked.
“Okey. But it seems so quicker. Why so hurry?”
“It will be like this only. Why we have to postpone when you both agree?”

“Hmmm. The effects of YES starts from now”. Dad smiled.

“Okey. Let us proceed.”

After some talk, we started from there.

“Shall I get her contact no?” I asked.
“Here it is”

“See, she comes to home from office. Let us ask her”
“Shall we have a small function coming sunday?” her mom asked here.
Looking at me, she said “Oh Yes. sure”

“Oh My God. What is happening? Except me, everyone is so fast”

I never ever thought of these things for the past 2-3 years.

“Is it  real? or Am I in the middle of a inception kind of dream?”

“You discuss the further stuff. I have to goto chennai tonight. Tomorrow, we are going to a trekking”
told to mom.

“Make this trip as a last one with friends. You had already enough trips” mom replied.

“Let us see. But dont believe me”

Started to chennai. Mindful of thoughts and excitations. No sleep.
Picked up Mohan in the airport at 4.00 am and dropped at his home.

After a nap of 1 hr, my office team is ready for a long longing trek with mohan.

We spent the whole day in the lap of nature in the beautiful place called “Aree” near periyapalayam.
It is our own holy place. We used to come there regularly one year ago.
We had some long live memories of night stay in the jungle too.

The rocks, chill stream, green trees, ponds made me to live in a new world.
Learnt swimming a bit in a beautiful pond.

Returned to kanchipuram at the end of the day.

The next day is sunday. Its time to meet her again.
This time we had around 15 people went to her home.
Had breakfast with her. My brother Suresh, Friend Thanigairajan and relatives Gopi, Sumathi and Appu
started teasing both of us. Missing another brother Arulalan. He works in Delhi, missing tons of fun here.

Usually, I eat a lot. But this time, cant eat much when she is next to me.
She is also a very slow eater. ( May be I am the reason or not )

“We will come to your home today evening 6.00 pm” they informed us.

We reached home then.
Feel sleepy because of two sleepless nights and a full day trekking.
After a little nap, went out to make calls to friends to announce this sudden changes in my life.
Everyone excited to know this. No one is ready to believe this sudden decisions. Even myself.

Waiting for her arrival to my home.
Friends are making fun on myself.
Everyone from her home came.

“Where is she?”
“May be come bit later”
“No, It seems that she is not coming as elders started discussions”

“Why she is not coming?” asked a friend.
“She should come to your home only after marriage”

“Oh. Terrible elders. Why do they have all these rules?”

They went after a while and friends started to laugh till it pains, narrating all our old friend’s
marriage stories.

Announced this in social media. Flood of wishes started to flow.
Everyone wants a big treat. Most of them want a treat in a bar with drinks.
“Shall I give it?”
“Let us see”

Why this world looks more beautiful? Even air sings!
Movie songs are more interesting now.

She is not an angel. She does not come from heaven.
Yet, she does something. Adding more colors to my face and life.

Thanks for all your wishes friends.
Dont worry if you dont have a love or girlfriend to love.
I bet you. It is really thrilling and life becomes as beautiful as in love, even in arranged marriage too.
It is all about how you face the life.

I am writing this just to make sure that all these are not in my dream.
Eventhough it is a dream, I am not willing to wake up.


21 thoughts on “The end of a 28 years search

  1. Dear Shrini,
    I am very happy for you. This is perhaps the most important and joyous moment in your life.

  2. This was the first blog post that I read today 🙂 and I switch on the radio the first song is நெஞ்சினிலே நெஞ்சினிலே from உயிரே.. How apt?

    By the way congrats!!

  3. Ha Ha Ha …. I enjoyed this a lot and I loudly laughed at some situations in the above poem …


    I got another mom in the name of sister-in-law (anni).

    My younger brother suresh too will may feel the same. 🙂

    My wishes for your love .

    So finally you too fell in love.

    My best wishes to the couple …

    with love,
    Arulalan Thanigachalam…

  4. Arumay machii arumay!!!!!
    Un santhosathiyum, ennagalayum miga arumayaga velipadithinai… 🙂
    Un ennam pola un vazhkayum miga arumayaga Amaya vazhukal….

  5. Congrates, enjoy the lovable moments.
    “But Aadi masam play a villan role in your life”
    Any how wait for a month to celebrate.

  6. Nee nadigan da…unakku thirisha kiddikkum da…

    I never read a blog post from the top to end…this is the first and this is so special…great shrini…

    Wish you will get more and more very happiest and surprising moments in your life…

  7. Congtats and all the very best. Have a great and fun filled marriage life. May God bless you and wish you all the happiness.

  8. MAN O MAN Shrini!!!!! I liked your narration man…I still havent got the washing the hands joke!!! Congratzz…I’m one among the people who asked for drinks at the bar!!!!

  9. congratulations happy married life shrini !!!!

    I am in the same stage as u said in this line 🙂
    “Ok Shrini. Let us stop here. Let us concentrate on adding more meanings to life than searching for a girl.” I told to myself. Started to do tons of stuff for the opensource community and for personal growth.

    Yeah !! I stopped here. And started working for the personal growth !!! engulfed myself in My Favorite Python Programming . . .

    ~ Rajiv

  10. ரொம்ப லேட், இப்ப தான் படித்தேன் 🙂 வாழ்த்துகள் !
    ஏன் நீங்க நிறையா எழுதவது இல்லைனு தோணுது…

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