Corporate Social Responsibilities from CollabNet


Giving back to the society is an important duty to all humans.
As a person, we can serve the society well.
But, when we start serving as a group of people, we can do even more great things.

In my office, CollabNet, we started to think on various services we can do to the world we live.
We formed a team and discussed on what, how can we start.

We had our first CSR Meet June 28.

We discussed about various contributions we can do for the society.

They are as follows:

Education :
Training on communication
Helping for school/education
Providing facilities like dress/shoes/books/notes
Helping for employment

OldAge/Kids/Disease/Disabled/ Homes :
Taking them for a outing
Spending time
Providing food
providing Toys/Dress/Medicine

Awareness campaigns for stop smoking/drinking
Pollution Control
Traffic control
Planting Trees
Turtle walk
Cleaning Beach
Reducing papers/papercups

Please add more verticals and the tasks that we can do.

Mariraj, Harini and  Annamalai are volunteering for 3 months to analyse and coordinate the activities we can do.

All the activities will be run by the volunteers.

Anyone can suggest any activity and call for the volunteers.

Annamalai started a Facebook group to discuss further.

Please join and share your thoughts.
Let us hope for jumping into action very soon.


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