A.W.E.S.O.M.E trip to Kodaikanal

“Hei Shriniiiiiii. Can you join us to a trip to kodaikanal, this weekend? ”

What will you reply to this question, when you are loaded with tons of activities ?
I was so confused. I was never locked out with tasks like this before.

Yes. With pleasure” was my default answer before. But this time, I had to think a lot before nodding yes.Office work, some personal tasks were ready to fill the days.

Who knows? I may meet some government officers in TN secretariat to discuss about the Free laptops with Linux provided by TN govt.

Still, I was not sure when Naresh asked me the question.

“We are booking the ticket for you in Tatkal, tomorrow morning”

“Thanks. But, give me some time to think. I have more works to do”.

“Oh. You can make it dude. Come and join with us”.

“Let us see, Will try my best to make it”

The next 3 days went like a dream. Almost completed all the tasks.

Not sure on the meeting with Govt officers.
Faculty Development Program‘ on Linux is being handled Baskar and the team from ILUGC.
Office works are almost completed and my team shared some load.

“Guys. Pack your stuff. Meet you there at Egmore station, today night 9 pm”

Hanging out with friends is one of my favorite passtime.
Was at office till 7.45 pm, finishing the last minute tasks.

Sathish joined with me from office to Egmore.

Got in the train.

“Hei you. welcome”

“Hi dude. you too?”

“Atlast you came!”

“Park your seat here”

It is a gang of 15 guys from my office, but from 3 different teams.
You don’t believe it. All these guys are so calm and polite in office.
I hope they are not so when they are out of office.
Let me see how it goes. Nice guys,They did not disappointed me. šŸ™‚

“Oh My God. No girls in this compartment”

“So what?”

”    “

”    “

Train started moving.

“I can feel the chillness of Kodaikanal, here itself”

“It is the handwashed dirty water from previous window. Move your face out of the window”
Guys went busy with making phone calls to wifes, parents and girlfriends.

“I will wake you all at 5.30 am, tomorrow”
“Wake me if you can”

“Will –e on your face to wake”

Jagan, is the hero of this trip. His cousin has a guest house in kodaikanal.
He arranged for the local travel and the stay.

Train reached Kodai Road. Everyone woke up politely.

“Look for anyone with placard with our name”
“Ravi, Kumaresan, Yaswanth, Mary, Jonsy… No one is waiting for us”

“We have to find ourself”

We found the van and the driver some 100 feet away.

“I have to goto restroom”
Got this request for the first time.
This is the most spoken sentence in this trip by the team.

The van stopped at Nilakottai, Annai Motel.
Good place to have some rest.

The next few hours went by deep sleep as the van was climbing the hill.
The chill breeze made me to fall asleep immediately.

“Get down dude. Else we will roll you out of the van”

“Did we reach the Topslip?”

“Wake up from dream. This is Kodaikanal”

“Oh. Who are you?”

I was into a Inception dream. I think this is level 1.

“Ahhhh” Cant resist the sudden kick. I came to real world.


Jagan, got the room keys. The room is so large to have 16 guys.
In few hours we got ready for the site seeing. šŸ™‚

Had lunch at the “Hotel Welcome“.
We had our first quarrel with the server.
They messed with their seat arrangements and serving food.
Thank god. Nobody made it into a fight.

Van started to climb on the hill path.
The summer season was over, But still can see the travelers there.

Stopped at the Green Valley View/Suicide Point.
Mist and fog hid the valley.
The monkeys were waiting like they would jump on us any time.
Escaped from the ancestors.

“I want tea”
“Masala pori for me”
“Ice Cream”

“Have them guys, But don’t ask me for a rest break”
“Wait. Can you continue your speech little later? let me go for a break. Find a restroom for me”


Anvesh brought his SLR camera. Naresh has his semi SLR.
I did not take out my small NIKON camera.
Let these guys take the snaps. I will give pose.


It is a nice experience to feel the freedom.
Till yesterday, I was screwed up with a series of multiple tasks.
But now, I am standing in front of a huge hill filled with fog.
The breeze was so chill and mind was so relax.
Even a small travel can change the life into a heaven.

“We have one bat and two balls”
“Yes. All of us know that. What are you going to do with them?”
“—-. This is for cricket”
“Oh. Thats your fault. You should have told that earlier”
“Let us go to Pine forest and play cricket”

Pine forest is a neat place for a good play.
Two teams started to play.
We are the only human there.
The sound of the game is echoing around the forest.

A good camera with a model, to give pose makes a normal person as a good photographer.
As Naresh had a good camera, I gave different poses, helping him to learn the photography.
Siva joined with me to sit, stand, climb tree, jump, stare, smile to the camera.

After 6 pm, life becomes stale there.
Shops are getting shut down.
Guys are already rushing for rest.
They have to minimize the input.
Little input gives maximum outputs here.

Reached the room and the fun filled night started.
The guys begin to be themself.

Anvesh booted the TV. Anand opened his laptop.
JP still roaring his bat. Ilango filled the restroom,
making karthik, Arul, Doodala to wait outside.
Ramesh rushed to another room.

Jagan and sathyan went out to buy dinner.
I started to read the book “One night at Call center”

I heard the sound of playing cards and the cheating fellows in the game.

Dinner is from “Hotel Annakili“.
It is a small food shop. But the quality and taste is so good.
Dont miss it, if you go to Kodaikanal.


Gossips, kidding, scolding …
Guys are like girls with they are as a gang.
The non stop fun talk is started now.
Cant read the book further. Jumped in the talk and got blessed by the god of fun.

The night was a real nightmare.
The snoring sound from both sides of myself, made me stay awake for the full night.
The SONY MP3 player helped me to minimize the snore effect.
Realized why there are some diverse due to snoring. They deserve the appeal.
Rooms are filled with guys everywhere. Cant move anywhere.
Somehow, the rock songs made me to escape from these roars and made me to sleep.

“If you dont wake, I will pour this hot tea on your …”
“my …?”
“Oh. Can you bring it to my mouth, Will drink it in bed itself”
“Will add some ____, if you want me to do so”
“Noooooo. Let me wake”

Anand is good at making Tea.
Nice to have a friendly tea with unfriedly wakeup.

“What’s up guys?”
“I saw you and him,  were doing something yesterday night”
“So, the question should be, who was up?”
“Stop this nonsense talk, in the morning. We were exchanging our places, to escape from snoring roar”

After visiting the Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple,
We are in the Bryant Park now.
Bat and balls should not be kept vain.
The cricket team started shouting and playing.

The meadow is green.
The kids are running with their small foot.
I am walking with bare foot.
Can feel the foldings of grass.
The chillness spreads from foot to head.

I laid down on the grass.
The green trees around me are smiling on me.
The cloudy sky brings the romantic situation.

Started the MP3 player.
AR Rahman, Harris and Yuvan sat around me with their orchestra
playing all favorite songs for me.

When it started to drizzle, I requested them go back to their home.
The rain drops made me a kid.

I am going back to my school days, walking in the rain with friends.
The rain dance with brothers, rain stories from mom and dad.

A rolling cricket ball brought me again to the meadow.
I have to play in rain again with all my friends and family.

“Where were you lost? we were searching for you.”
“He might have gone behind any girl”
“or any couple”
“No. No. I was in this meadow only. Was listening to Music”
“Cant believe. Whatever you do, be safe. Dont get beaten by public, for any nasty stuff”

Prakash joined today and Ram left to home.
We rushed to “Kovai Annapoorna Hotel” for lunch.

Food filled the stomach and the environment filled the eyes.
It is a nice treat for all.


Guna Caves.
Little deep forest.
We started to explore the Guna caves.
It is a steep hill, where even a small slip can show you the path to heaven.

There are narrow paths, where guys with guts can go deep.
We are the guys with guts and nuts.
But, we have tons of fears, we just came down.

Photographic sessions are nice.
We made Naresh tired of shooting our faces.
He started to run behind the monkeys to capture them.
“But, I dont see any difference between monkeys and you guys”


The center lake is the most romantic place.
After having loads of stuff in mouth, we decided to go for boating.
Got two boats with 12 guys and 3 stood out.

I wanted to go for cycling. Ilango and Jagan were seeing the limitless donations of nature.


Cycle, is my feather now.
Started to fly with cycle around the lake.
I could hear the fading voices of my college friends there. We came here at our final year.

The lonely paths lead to more explorations.
The couples inside bushes hid themselves well.
The young guy and girl started to give some gap between their faces.
One guy blushed at me when I see him kissing a girl.
Romance, Romance, Romance is all around the lake.

still wondering, how some girls accept all these plays of guys in public.
Still, it is good for guys like us to enjoy.

The guys in the boat also saw some green sceneries, for their lifetime memories..

I followed some guys and girls in cycle.
They are from nearby college and looking for some private place there.
I should not follow them any more.

Rushed on some deep roads.
Some lonely places are really nice to be there.
Lost myself in the lap of nature.

“Hei. Where are you? We are done with boating. Come soon”  Got a call from Sathish.
I have to rush to lake. I am already lost in deep roads.
No one here to ask the path.
Somehow found the way to the lake.
But, again missed the path and was roaming around the lake to leave the cycle in the shop.
Got 5 calls from the team. They are waiting with the pains in their bellies.

“Oh My God. He came atlast. Driver, please fly to room. I cant resist”
“If you eat like this, you have a lift a room, like a snail.
“Shut your mouth and …”

Another wonderful evening started.
When the friends start to talk with no limits, the fun also loses the limit.
Dance, camp fire, romantic songs, fun talk, kidding … made me to forget the entire world.

Third day morning.
Still I cant believe that I am living here without seeing computer, without checking mails.
Though the gang is updating live in facebook with photos and comments, I feel better to be out of computer.

Anvesh and Karthik started early to catch and reserve train for us.
Berijam lake is todays target to make nasty.
We started early as we have to travel more.

There are 4 awesome viewpoints on the way to lake.
The mist, deep valley, distant lake, some nice girls around, made us to love the nature.

A long lonely walk around the lake is a heaven, when you go with girl or boy friend.
But, this gang made the walk as a dirty, dirty fun talk.

“Oh, My non-existing God. This should be my last trip with guys, to the heavenly places like this”
This is my prayer for past 8 years. šŸ™‚
The god is not hearing me.
Who knows? He may be praying to someone for me.

We invited Actress Anuskha, on our DVD player in our return trip.
“En ithayam song from the film “Singham“, was played multiple times, until the DVD player stopped to work.

Purchased chocolates, Tea leaf, oils.

Its time to say “BYE” to Kodaikanal.
Packed our things and cleaned up the room.

The trees, lake, parks, rocks are simply seeing us departing.
What else they can do?
They are in hope that they can be in peace from now.

After a looooong travel, reached Dindugal and got the train.
Will goto office, with a fresh mind and energy, tomorrow..


Thanks a lot for the entire team for making this trip really AWESOME.

Thanks for my support team for freeing me from any emergency support calls.
Thanks for Sathyan and Sathish for their crystal clear accounts.

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