Subscribing CSM School students to Govt Library

We have  public library at our street.
It has a great contribution in our growth.

In order to make the CSM school students to use the library,
I discussed with friends and librarian to
subscribe all the CSM school students to the library.

It costs 30Rs per student as a subscription fee.

Last week, government announced an offer as 20 Rs subscription fees
until May 31, 2011

Discussed with Librarian and CSM School to get the list of students.
As the school is busy with admission, they can give the list of 6,7,8
class students as the first batch.

We got the list of 260 students.
To use the offer from the government, I decided to pay the money.

I paid 260×20 = 5200 Rs to librarian and they started the process of
joining the students.

Will get the bills in a week.

After the school opened, we can proceed with the next batch students.
I am discussing with the Dist Library Management to get these offer in
the later period also.

Thanks for all your contributions and encouragements.

Dr.Magesh is willing to donate a computer filled with ebooks to our library.
Requested the librarian to get permission from the government.

Thanks Magesh.


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