New year with New Activities


Wish you all for a very happy new year.
Hope this year will bring more thrills and excitements to all.

Today evening myself, logu, ponmozhi and thamarai spent some good time together.
In varadharajar temple, we started the discussions on our old plans of
doing some social activities.

Yes. Most of you know that we were talking about donating some money
every month for some noble causes
like donating for library, schools and poor children etc.

We decided to give some action for this.

Logu gave 100 Rs as the first donation.
Myself added 500 Rs.
Pons and Thamarai will give tomorrow.
Like this, if each of us added some amount of money every month,
we can do a lot of good deeds to the world we live.

We may grow as a foundation or trust in near future.

I was discussing this a lot without any action.
This new year gathering gave some actions to the talks.

tomorrow, we goto our CSM street public library and
will give subscriptions for the Magazines like Sutti Vikadan, Pasumai
Vikadan etc.
with the money we collect.

This funds will be used to reach school children where we studied and
to grow trees in our streets.

I invite you all to join with us.

Please donate money as possible. (everymonth)
Share your ideas on these activities. (Possibilities and the Problems)
We need a name. Suggest a name.
Suggest the things to do further.

Hope this new year will add more activities in our life.

I record the money collected and the activity details here.

Thanks a lot.

Wish you all a very happy new year.
May all the moments are filled with great actions.


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