Diwali Trekking

Diwali – a colourful day with lights on the sky and sounds around the ear, went pleasantly this year.
“Friends meet”, in the night on a bike, riding through the breeze was a great feeling.

“Hei., Shall we go somewhere, tomorrow?”

“Sure, Pasupathy was asking the same yesterday.”

“We explored mahabalipuram already. Have to goto a new place”

“Yelagiri ? Kone Falls ?”

“Let us choose the Kone Falls”. We agreed. “Vehicle ?” I asked.

“Ramesh has his car Fiat Palio. Let me ask for it” Pasu volunteered. 
“Will bring the driver Arul too”

Food, is the highlight of our outings. We prepare our own or give bulk orders. No one can forget the 200 idlies, loads of curd rice, bags of snacks, and parcels of mixed rices during our last trip to mahabalipuram.

This time, we decided to shoot Rotis. Planned for 120. Ponmozhi bought the materials. At night 10.00 pm, we assembled at his home. Logu, me and ponz started to prepare the flour.

The next 4 hrs went by in preparation marked with plenty of chatter and Movies on DVD player. Our mouths were filled with the fresh Rotis we prepared. 🙂

With our prospect of meeting our target of 120 rotis looking remote, we decided to settle for 50 and packed for the day. The time was 2.30 am. We have to start at 5.00 am. We three slept.

Alarm sound…
Call tone…
Again Call…

“Wake up guys”. Pasu woke up via mobile.
Cant open the eyes.
“Do we have to go? Shall we escape and sleep for the whole day?” I asked
“You will miss all the Rotis and Food. Is it ok for you?” Logu threatened.
“No.  I am In”.

I really dont know what happened for the next 15 min. Reached my home, Packed the bag with my dress, got ready and was on road in a jiffy.

The car came and was fully loaded. It was a punishment for all of us and for the car too.
5 heavy weight champions, Me, Pasypathy, Ponmozhi, Thamarai, Arul and 1 lean guy, Logu, in a single car.

Car started to move.
“Dai. Dont touch the food bag”
“Keep safe the snacks pack”

The fun started with lot of old stories and the great moments with our gang guys life.

Car crossed arakonam, nagari, puthur and reached Kailasa kone falls. we traveled around 70 km.

The Kailasa Kone falls is the nearest falls from kanchipuram. It is a decent place to hangout.
Environment is clean with a cool breeze.

The water gushing down is a good sight. There is a nice path to stand in water and enjoy the fall

We started to climb higher.

There is a little path around the hill. Path is rocky. We, the moto guys, found difficult to climb the little hill.

“Shhhh. yabaaa. I cant. It is tough”.
“Go man. Go. If you can not climb even this small hill, then what you can do after your … ? “
He started to run on the hill.

In a few moments, we found a small falls and pond.

Pond is good to see. We wanted to get in. But, nobody knows to swim well.
Without knowing the deep, we feared to get in.
Missing Mohan and Elango of my office team, who enter any pond without fear.

We continued to climb further.

Wow. there is beautiful small falls to enjoy.

What next?
Dress change.
Jump in pond.
Sounds. Sounds.. Sounds…
Dance in water and pond.

The hills echoed our sounds.
Had enough plays in water like children.
The water makes us children again.
It may be the Womb touch.

“We missed the food.”
“Ya. I am hungry”
“Dei. It is 10 am only”
“Ya. It is 11111111000000000 am”
“Let is finish the Roties”


We rushed down to the car.
We bought 1.5 kg chicken and gave in a shop to cook.
We filled the shop and opened the food pack.

It is always a magic on how our gang is emptying the food in minutes.
The dogs and monkeys are cheated to see our empty leafs after food.

“I am sleepy. ooooooooooovvvv”
“Shall I sleep for 1 hr?”
“Eyes are drowsy”
“Noooo. If you sleep now, we cant go anywhere”
“Thats fine. let me sleep now”

We all had a nap for 1 hr. We didnt know our sleep will cost us dearly later on in the day.
The place is getting more people. More teams came with bottles and food.

“Is there any place to go around”?
“There is another falls near. But no huge water”
“Where to go now?”

“Shall I take you to Aree falls? Our usual place to trek with my office team? ” I asked.
“Let us try”
“Is it long?”
“Do we have to walk a long?”
“Shall we sleep for more time?”
“Guys. Let us start now….”

After a long talks, we started to aree.

Aree is near pichatur dam. We reached in 30 min.
I remember the paths as it is like our native place for my VenturePals team.
The road was so stony. Driver Arul refused to drive the car.
we parked the car in a meadow.
We have to walk a long from here.

“Guys. We have to start from here around 3.00 pm. Car has no lights. Have to reach kanchipuram around 6.00 pm. So start soon from here.”

“What is there”
“A small temple, nice stream, great pond, meadow, rocks, awesome environment will welcome us”
“Let us see”
“How long to walk?”
“Around 30-40 min”
“Shall we eat the lunch here?”
“Bring the bag. We can eat near a stream”
“Give a hand to life the lunch bag. Too heavy”
“Let us walk fastly. Have to go far”

Stories, Jokes, Laughs Fights, kidding make our walk more funny.

We got a dog to follow us.

We climbed a small stone wall.

“I love this place”

We were admiring  the lake.

It is so peaceful and happy to have some time there.

“We have to walk more to reach more heavenly places like this”. I kickstarted the team.

Crossed the lake, walked through the sand paths, stone path via the forest.

“The time is 2.00 now. We have to reach the car at 3. Then only we can reach home safely” . Pasu told.
“We will see a lot of wonders in 30 min walk from here”
“Right. But, we can not go home in time safely. let us come here once again. We all love this place. let us plan for another trek, only for this place”.

We started to walk back. The dog was still following.

“Let us give some food to dog”
We gave some food and reached the car.

“Shall we have a bath in Kone main falls? Do we have time?”
“Yes. we have little time. come soon” Driver arul replied.

Again to Kailasa kone falls.
This time, the falls is filled with a big crowd. Lots of families and gangs came here.
A drunken gang was shouting and dancing in the falls.
Many ladies were afraid to reach the falls due to the crazy gang.

Some guys were playing with crackers.
I sent them elsewhere to burst crackers

This main falls is good to bathe in.
The pain and water sound on ears is good.
Free massage by nature.

“Guys, Let us start from here”
“We can have on the way”.

We started from the place.
Saw many drunken people there. Dont know why they spoil the beauty and peace of the nature.

Stopped in a road side and worked to finishing the lunch bags.

With fun

and fights,

We finished all the food and started to kanchipuram.

We all slept as we were so tired.
Arul brought us to kanchipuram safely.
Reached Kanchipuram.

“Fine, We reached. What else?”
“What else? Food”
“Need something to eat”
“Che. You all are a nuisance  to your wives. They will die cooking to feed your bottomless stomach.”
“Hahaha. You too in the same boat. come. Let us go to any hotel”

Had Idlies and Coffee in Indian Coffee House.
Then, The car dropped us in our homes.

Thanks guys. It is a wonderful team. The fun, the fights, the quarrels, the food, the scolds, the  laughs make us to goto the childhood. You all fill my life with smiles and laughters.

Let us hope for more treks and trips.

Here is the full set of snaps.


5 thoughts on “Diwali Trekking

  1. Nice trekking exp and a good write up…I did not know such nice place existing near Chennai.

    You can count me in too in your next trip….

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