Trip to Mahabalipuram with kanchilug friends

For a long time, kanchilug friends were requesting for a Team Outing.

Atlast we had it today. After a lot of discussions about the spot,
We choose “Mahabalipuram” to go.

SMS campaign was conducted to get the crowd.
Some friends could not come.
But still, we started.

Reached kanchipuram bus-stand at 9.15 to catch the 9.30 bus to mahab.
In the last minute, one guy went to buy food, another ran to buy sports items.

Atlast all reached the bus when it started.

We, a team of 11 guys, were shouting fully on the travel.
(As usual, I slept. he he )

They bought some jack fruit and gave to me.
Slept after eating that.

“Who the rascal, throwed this nut on me?”
A lady shouted. I woke.

Guys were playing as throwing the jack fruit nuts on each other.
They missed and the people behind them started to shout.

Guys kept silent for some time.

With lot of fun talks, we reached Mahabalipuram.
It was 12.30.
Went to sport shop and bought volleyball,fly-bee after some talks for the rate.
We already had cricket ball and bat.

Decided to eat soon.
Found a good park.
Logesh and Nagaraj shared their food with the entire team.

Had little games there.
A little team of kids borrows the balls from us and they played for some time.

We started our trekking on the rocks.
Photoshoots and poses filled the time.

Day was too sunny.
The green parks made us little cool.

We met a lot of pairs doing (………) in the bushes and rock gaps.

hmmm. We all are still singles. hmmm.
Not enough guts. hmmmm.

“Go. Go.. Go… Go to beach. let us play in sea”. Suresh requested.
After a lot of rock climbing, we decided to move to beach.

Beach is too hot as there is no shadow.
Who cared?

“Before going into sea, let us have some play”. Dhasthageer ordered.

We started to form 2 team.

Cricket is a good game to play with friends.
Game is filled with a lot of cheating and kidding.
Me, Arul, Suresh played little.
This is the first time, I see as they are playing some game.
Good. We have to play a lot.

A lot of pairs crossing us.

Volleyball time.
It is new for all of us, still had good play and good shots.

Then, Entered into sea.
Sea has strong tides.
We stood on the border still the tides dragged us into the sea.
Pushing each other, throwing into sea, digging sand, burying into sand,
running, throwing ball, shouting, crawling…

Sea also played with us.
It gave little hurts, little blood, lot of pains.

“Guys, Enough in sea. Let us play again”

This time volleyball.
Game is full of thrills as we all played little better this time.
Played until we get tired.

“Guys. Pack up the things. Let us bath, then hotel, then bus to home”.

Started with a lot of shoutings and whistles.
“Thanks pairs. Thanks for the free shows…..”

Had a little shopping.
After a long wait, had bath in the paid bathrooms.

Tried the bajji in roadside shop. Not good. Too oily.

Found a Hotel. Screwed the Waiter with orders.
He got tired by serving us.

“Machi. It is paining all over the body.
But, it is so nice. So happy today”.

“Yes. Pain in body and happy in hearts”.

Rushed to get bus and got it 7.40 pm.

The Bus driver was a mad.
He played songs randomly.
some very nice new songs and some intolerable old songs.
Requested to change.
No. He is really mad. He did not accepted.
We had to hear all the very old, badly created songs.
We started to talk.

Reached kanchipuram at 10.00 pm.

Had a very great time for the 12 hrs.

Promised the gang to take them to the “Aare falls” in 1 month.

These trips really give a good break to regular office life.
Feeling like born again.

Thanks guys for the making the trip memorable.

Here are the snaps:


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