Giving Time for Saving Life

Sneha Foundation,

What does Sneha Offer?
Sneha extends emotional support to the depressed, desperate and suicidal when they feel there is no one to turn to.
They need someone with whom they can share their pain and misery in confidence; someone who would listen, understand and accept them unconditionally.

Infact, talking about their debilitating feelings can be the first step to resolving them.

The Volunteers
They are caring and committed persons from all walks of life. Non-judgemental in their attitude, they are empathetic listeners.
They are carefully selected and trained to offer support to those who contact Sneha.

It sounds interesting. Eventhough I have very less time to spare, I wish to help on saving people from suicide.
Today, gave a visit to Sneha Foundation, at RAPuram, Chennai

It is a small home. Already gave a phone call about my visit.
Reached the place easily.

A Lady invited me and enquired about my interest to volunteer.
They are glad to know that.

Filled a Form and applied for Volunteership.
There will be some filters ad then only they will add me as volunteer.
After selection , there will be training for talking with sick people.
Once selected, I will be there on every Tuesdays 6-10 pm.

They are in service for 25 years.
It is too sad to hear that on every result time, the suicide rate in chennai is increasing.

Nowadays, youth are getting depression for silly reasons and they are ready to give their life for small things.
This should be changed and hope sneha foundation is doing the same.

I invite you all the lend your time and helping hands for this great volunteer movement.

Please contact :
Sneha Foundation,
11, Park View Road, R.A. Puram, Chennai 600028.
Near Dharmambal Park, Kamarajar Road,
Telephone (044-24640050) – 24 HOURS ROUND THE CLOCK
Email –
Visit – 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


One thought on “Giving Time for Saving Life

  1. Great Man !

    I made a call to some organization like this before 4 years ( In My Ug 2ny yr).
    They replied, i cant become volunteer to their org`. :-(.

    But after that i didnt try to contact another organization.

    But you rocking man !

    I will Be !

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