Once Again to McDonalds, but the scapegoat is Myself

Somehow, My team got a TREAT fever. People were searching for reasons for asking Treat.

Jeeva brought some snacks from his weekend Ooty trip. The snacks packets were making the team busy for 2 days. But still, there was a packet filled with some snacks inside.

As usual, the packet reached its holy place. Its me. I was reading something and My eyes are with monitor and the hands and mouth were busy with swallowing the snacks.

After sometime,

“Jeevaaaaaaa. Here you go. The packet is Empty. Thanks man. Is there any other packet?” I shouted.

“Wow. You emptied the entire packet? You did not give a single piece to anyone?
how dare you are? We can not forgive you.” Karishma replied.

“Give us a Treat”.

“Yes. You owe us a treat for this.”

“Who are all coming for Treat? Shrini is giving treat for his illegal action”


“Me too”

“I am in”

“Let us go to McDonalds and have ShrekMeals again”

“Let us ask Shrini a word”

“No. He has to give. Let us take him there”

“Shriniiiiiiiii. Do you agree? Shall we go?”

“Hei. Why asking him? He emptied a full packet. He should give us a treat”


“$#@#!&*^%” This is the reply from me.

“Hei. Shrini has been cheating us for more than 6 months. Even he did not give treat for his birthday too”

Yes. It  has been so long I treated the team. Hmmm. No way to escape.

“Team. I agree. Let us start to McDonalds.”

Drrrrr….. Brrrrrrrr….

Bikes and a car started to McDonalds.

We, 7 people went there again and had much fun. Kidding each other and eating the Burger, Coke, and the French Fries.

Team is so active in making the plates empty.


“Thanks a lot Shrini. Now you can go home and write a blog starting with “Thanks a lot Shrini” ……..”


Getting a Treat for free is so fun.
But, I felt the pleasures in giving a Treat.
Filled with happiness, we returned home.


One thought on “Once Again to McDonalds, but the scapegoat is Myself

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