Karthik’s Treat in McDonalds

Karthik, got the most praised award in our office – “E-staff award” today. He deserves it for his hard work and efforts to support the customers.

How can we celebrate it?
Wished him in call, mails and hugs.


He accepted to take us to McDonalds, velacherry, Chennai.

Eating. The most action I do with so much of loving. 🙂

This is the first time that I go to McDonalds. It is just like any other hotel, but with an international brand.

Good environment, light music, neat service and the brand name makes the place filled with people.
After some moments of wait, we got our seats.

We ordered “Shrek Meal“. A special combo of 2 soft drinks, 2 burgers, 1 fries, 1 small scoop of ice cream with a special “Shrek” toy.

Burger is good. I liked the Ice Cream. The vanilla itself tastes good.

The Toy is nice and giving some sounds as “Hei….” “I am warning you….”

Funny Toy. People like these kind of  small things and pay much for these small funs.
We too did the same. 🙂

The Girls with their Guys, Some solitary guys, some friends teams, some old people with grandkids fillup the places.

It is so fun to watch those people. Money makes them to spend a lot and have more fun.

But still, still, still, I dont know why compare these with the treats I had with my school friends in a small bekary for 50 Rs and with college friends in  the tea shop opp to college for just 100 Rs.

I dont know. I may compare this treat with the future treats too.

Even after having this treat, I felt so good only after having some home made rice food with sambar in room.


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