Aree – Two dray trek again

There are so many places in the world to go.
Why we are going to Aree again?


The Plan:

Somedays back, A mail from Mohan stared at me on my Inbox.

“Shall we goto Aree two days trek again?”
“March 6 and 7.”

“I am In”
“Wow. This time I wont miss”.
“Oh No. I have Office. Sorry. This time I can’t”
“I am there with my wife”

“Okey. Lets plan for dates. Count them all. Bring cars. Lets start from Anna Nagar on 6th morning. Please bring the following things.

We got excited to think on it. The sweet memories of last two day trek to Aree, are still in eyes.

Gear up the cars:

March 6, 2010.

I got up 5.00 am and got ready on 5.45. The things were packed in the previous night itself.

“Shrini……… Are you ready?”
“Yes. I am.”
“Can you come to Anna Nagar West Depot?”
“Ok. Wait for 10 min. I will be there.”

I reached the Depot. Got into Elango’s car. Mohan’s car is following us. Vasu’s car is already moving front.


I fall asleep as the car is moving.

“Shrini…. wake up! Tea time”.

we all had Tea in a shop.

“Shall we have our breakfast here itself?” Mohan asked.

“Oh. Thats fine. I am ready”

“Here it is. Catch this bread”

“Oh. Is it the pre-breakfast food?”

“No man, This is your breakfast”.


Had that bread piece. Empty stomach will help us to move faster and longer.

Met Vasu,Miri,Karthi who came in another car.

Our cars started again.

The long road is keep on growing. the green fields are around us. Sunflower, Rose, Jasmine, Corn, Sugarcane fields give warm welcome to the team.


We cross the pichattur dam. The board says “Aree —->”

Turn Right.

The road ends with some green trees, where we park our cars usually.

“Get Down. We reached”

I woke from sleep. Good. we came at 8.30

We started to walk. Crossed the lake wall. All are packed with big bag with sleeping mat. Pritha has splitted all the things to all bags.

“Oh. I am getting pain. My bag is heavy. My hands are getting frozen.”

“Loose the bag”

“Haah. come and do”

“Is it ok for you? Feel good?”

“Yes. Now I can breath. My hands get some blood”

“Hei. Keep on moving. No stop till our last stay area. We have to reach there by 11.30”. Our coach mohan ensures that we all reach there quickly.

The sand path goes into the stone path. The green trees makes us happy to see them.

“Auch. My shoe is torn”

“Oh no. Here is your sandal baby”

“Yea. Thats fine. That shoe shopper cheated me. Where to keep them now?”

“Put the shoe in the yellow bush.”

“Okey. Jobin! Its your duty to take it back home today evening when you return”

“God! I will forget it for sure”

“Don’t Worry. If he forget, we can remember.”

Now, we cross the first pond near a temple. We used to wait here for sometime. Now, There is no stoppings.

“Can you tell your love stories?”

“Me? hahaha”

“Yes. You. We all said our stories many times. It is your turn”


“He may be organizing the part 1, part 2, part 3 etc. Let us give him some time”


“Aaaah. I got blood in my leg. It is flowing out.


‘Hei. It is not shit. It is my blood”

“Dont panic shrini. It will stop automatically. Be careful on crossing bushes”.

Passing Streams:

We climb little rocks. We dance to cross the little streams.

Elango and Nirmal cross everything with their long legs.

“Let me find a shortcut, if any”

“No. No. Don’t come this side. This is not shortcut. Even there is no path” Go that way. Cross that side”

Team rushes towards the second pond. This was toughh once upon a time. The height of the falls threatened us. Now, it become a piece of cake as we found the other ways to cross the mini falls.

“Give all the bags to me. Put your leg there. Push yourself”

“Shall we take rest for 5 min?”

Rest granted.


“Hei. You know why you are getting tired so soon in jungle. You have much hair in head”

“Yes. you have much hair. but you don’t have even that much….”

We started with kidding each other. The teasing is fun when the other takes them lighter. We all are enjoying the fun.

“I hate you”.

“Oh. Thanks  a lot”.

“You are not a good one. But mohan does not know this”

“Oh I see. Yes. I never told I am good.”

We reached the third pond. A very  nice place to swim.
We went down in the pond. Mohan, Elango, Nirmal started swimming for a while.

Soon, we started to climb up.

“Go. Go.. Go…. We are 15 min behind”

Stay Area:

Around 12 we reached the fourth pond, where we stay.
It has some flat rock surface. A deep pond and a lengthy flowing mini falls.

We had our lunch here. The parceled chapattis filled us.


Nirmal jumped into the pond.

“Me tooooooooooooooooooooo”

This time Elango.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa. Ammaaaaaaaaaa. It pains much”

“Take care elango. Come up and take some rest.”

“It is too height to jump. I missed to slide. Got beaten in chest. Its okey. Will recover soon”

Karthi learnt to float on water with the sleeping mat.

“It feels so good. It is as water bed. Wow. What a feel?”

We played in water for some time.


Miri got some fever and took rest. This is time for four of us to leave. They cant stay in night. Karthi, Jobi, Vasu and Miri started back. “

We are going to miss you.”

“Yes. We go back. Take care. Enjoy”

Explore More:

“Okey. Let us explore the next pond. We never went there. Be careful. Path is so tough. Full of slippery rocks. come slow. Follow me”

Mohan lead the exploration.

It is really tough to climb there. No grip. If I slip, I will slide down all the way to 50 feet deep pond. Be careful shrini. Take each and every step with full concentration.

“I cant move further. Enough for me. Shall we go back?”

“Your wish. Let me give you a kick. You will slide and go back easily”

“I will kill you”

“Then, be calm. Let us see if any camping place is there.”

Elango and Mohan stopped.

“There is no further path to go. Let me get down this side”

“Hmmm. We went to the deep. No path. No place to camp. Let us go back”

“This is what I told earlier. ok. come back”

“Ok Ok. You go careful”

We came back to our stay area. Sun is tired and he needs some rest. He is going back to bring night so that he can sleep.



“Let us cook here baby”

“Take that rice. you prepare the stones. You bring some woods. You clean the vessels. Fire up the woods. Ok. 3/4 kg of rice is enough for 7 people. Pour some water. Let the rice to be on fire until it blends to eatable rice”.


“I need some chicken pieces”

“Yes. Here is Dommino’s Pizza Number. Call them. They deliver in 45 min.”

“I really miss the Non-Veg today. Why you hate NV?”

“We do not hate. We just neglect. We ignore. Thats all. Can you eat crow meat?”



“I wont. I don’t know why?”

“This is how we ignore all the meat. In Thailand, some saints breed Tiger to eat only veg food. They all eat only veg. Even they can live with Veg. It is all about how we decided to live”

“Ok Ok Ok. Enough. Stop the Saw. Give me the rice. Put some greavy”


We had a nice food. Hot Rice, Ghee, Gongra, Puli, Kara mixes. Food is delicious as we all lost out energies.

I slept for sometime after having this heavy meals.

The Darkness started. We went on to pick some woods ands logs for the bonfire.

“We need more. This is not enough. Last time, we burnt all of these in 2 hrs.”

“Okey. This time, let us burn very slowly with little fire. If needed, we can bring more woods”

Bonfire is inaugurated by Mohan.

We started to chat all the things. We missed Raji & Raghav’s kidding this time.

“Don’t tell him as good one, anymore”

“Why? As for I see, he is good only. Compared to any guys you know, he is good. I know him”

“No. You always say this. But, I only know how bad he is”

“No ya. He is good only. Even as good as Nirmal. But I know little about nirmal. I am sure that he is good only”

“Hei. See there. That cunning smile on his face when you say he is good. I hate him.”

“Mohan. What is this? what fight? As for as I know, all fight like this, leads to love only”

“No. No. No. we rejected each other already.”

“I will do suicide if it happens as you told”

“Do it now. It will be better you do sooner”

We had some great snaps near the fire. The natural light of the fire gave us glowing faces filled with smile.


“Okey. We go to sleep. Take care of fire. Make sure that someone looks after the fire. Good night”.

After mohan went, we all went to out mat one by one.

Elango taught me on how to keep the fire little and keep on burning. This time less wood is enough for the full night.

I told about the sad/funny/crazy stories in my previous office. Then moved on Kalki’s Novells.

Elango is drowsy. He woke Nirmal to replace him.

Nirmal also drowsy. I decided to wake as much as possible. Even through out night.

Me, Moon and Fire:

The night is awesome. The dark sky, glittering stars, the sound of waterfall, light bonfire, the breeze. I am the only human enjoying all the things.

Cant control myself from missing my dear ones. Memories went back and my eyes dropped tears when I finished my rewind of my past life.

I miss the music. Oh. There is my iPod. Take it shrini.

Music. The alltime wonder to me. A.R.Rahman, Harris Jayaraj, Shivamani, Sounds of Isha came near to me and their band started to play music around me. I can hear even very small Instruments those I miss in the city’s terrific sounds.

We believe that Black is a single colour. But the sky showed me the various variants in black. The blend of black to blue is like an artist mixes his colout pallete.

“Nirmal… Pritha… Sindhu…”



“Hmmm. What Shriiiiniiiiiiiii…?”


No response from anyone. Tired people. Let them sleep. Let me awake till the dawn.

The fire is eating the woods. This time got some good 5 feet woods, burning for hours.

Replaced the single candle when it stopped its last breath.

Some frogs are singing. Glittering insects are flying around the plantains.

Deep silent. Light Music in ears. Felt much happy to be with this team. Thanks people.

I am lost in this heavenly moments.

Day dawns:

In the early morning, Shobi made me to sleep in the mat.

“Shrini. Shrini.. Shrini… Shriiiiinnnniiiiiii………………..”

“Hei. Why you all do auction with my name?”

“Get up man. It is already 9. Have some Tea and food”

Oh. I slept for much time. All are woke and playing around in water.

“Brush and Have this Tea”

“No. I don’t want to brush. Give the Tea.”

“Che. Dirty Fellow”

Brushed and Had Tea.

Got some Hot Maggie. Enough for the day.

After I finished Maggies, We all started to get down.

“Bye Bye. See you later”

“Keep the place clean. Put all the unwanted things in the trash bag.
There should be no trace of human except the bonfire hash”.

We cleaned up the place and filled the trash bag with all our wastes.

“The return will be faster”

“Yes.As we know the route, and down the hill, it is  easy”.

“Let us stop in the Third pond for lunch”

“Okey. Let the marching start”

We jumped all the streams and rocks.
Made way through all the green trees.

Thrown made their blood marks in our hands and legs.

Still, that pain is sweet only.

Shrini is swimming:

We reached the third pond. It is a wonderful place to enjoy.

“Shrini. Come and swim”

“Me? Cant. Don’t know”

“Do dude. It is easy. Just make sure that your legs are flat and keep moving them.”

“Ok. Let me try”

“No. no. Don’t bend your legs. Keep them straight as you move them”


“Thats it. Keep on pushing legs with straight”

I started moving as I do as mohan said.
Wow. I can do it.
I swim.


Shobi and  pritha learnt breathing while swimming. I still have to practice more.

Lunch is prepared. Hot rice with same combination.

We had as much possible. Swimming burnt all my energies.
Filled stomach with food.

The Return:

Marching started again.
We reached the temple pond.
Had some rest.

“We have to find my Shoes. Jobin left them there itself”

“Okey. we can find. look for the yellow bush.”

“Hah. All bushes are yellow here.”

“May be. But keep on looking”

We crossed the burnt tree path.

“Hei. Here is your shoes. As I told already”

“Thank you”

We reached the down. The sun is too hot.
It sucked all our energies.

We looked like moving dead objects.

The path is so hot and long.

Atlast we reached our cars. We repacked all the things.

“Let us start to chennai. We can stop somewhere, if anyone need Tea”


We started and stopped at Pichattur. Had some junk foods and cool drinks.

Our race to chennai started.

We reached chennai. Elango dropped me in my room.

“Bye Bye. See you tomorrow”


Thanks for the team.

Thanks is just a word. You all owe more than that.


4 thoughts on “Aree – Two dray trek again

  1. Hey Shrini….

    Very nice to read you experience da….

    Seri seri visyathuku vaaaa….

    In that silent moment, tell me (secretly) whom you missed…. 😉
    Yarruda antha kalli….

    Always urs,

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