Aare – 2 Day trek – a sweet journey

Posted on 27/12/09


We had a life-time memorable trek.

Aare- venture-pal’s heaven is a …
no. I can’t explain in words.

It is awesome…

Thanks mohan and the team.
We had a good teamplay.

First day, we croseed the two falls and
in evening we reached the thrid falls
after a 4 hour walking through the
rocks,stream, and trail .

there, the fun reached its height.

Had plenty of plays in the pond.
We cooked the food.

Collected the woods for the campfire.

The sun set and the darkness started.

The dark sky, stars, the sound of the falls,
the chill, the fired woods, sounds of inspects,
manasukku pidicha friends.

So, what else is called heaven?

The darkness started at 5.30.
We never notice in out city life 🙂

We collected enough woods for to burn all night.

We all sat and sang songs, kidding each other.

At 8.30, we let the team to sleep with 2 nightwatchers to keep the fire up.

First me,mohan and nirmal wore that cat. The feather was the talks we had.

I enjoyed a lot on the discussions between nirmal and mohan.

We disussed about god, people, training, team management, understanding people,
accepting and forgiving them, etc.

On No. The woods were not enough. We cut some more woods and made some stock.
Will be wnough for the pending night? Let us see.
That Fire is swallowing each and every of peace of woods with a terrific hungry.

After their shift, around 11.30 ragav and raji made fun
with expressing love by their own way of quarrel 🙂

It was around 2.15. we were keeping the fire up.

Pritha and Sindhu came to own their shift.
I went on sleep.
I was able to see the fire, even i close eyes, for a long time.

Ragav cut more woods to feed the fire.
Last shift was covered by nirmal and ragav.

People woke me up with tea and breakfast.

After that, we tried to climb up more.

Wow. This made us to think on Full Alertness.
It was little tough to climb up in a vertical rock.

We found that there is nothing up and we returned down.
Met some CTC guys. they went liitle far.

Came down to our stay area.

Had fun with the falls again.

It is time to return.

Oh no. How can we leave this wonderful place?

Still, we have to.

Started our walking. In some 2 hrs, we reached the down.

We all were hungry. Had lunch in a hotel and returned to chennai around 5.30.

Hei Team. Thanks a lot. a lot. alot.


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