Beautiful Scenes at Kovalam Beach, Chennai

Last weekend, we went to a nearby beach early morning. The place is called “Kovalam”, near to “Fishermen’s Cove Beach Resorts”

The beach is so clean. There are small rock paths to climb.

We can get training for “Surfing” there.

Here are few of my clicks.

Here is the full album of these clicks

Capturing Green Garden at our home

Last week, I went to my hometown kanchipuram, to meet mom and dad.

They both are busy with making their green garden. Took few photographs of the garden.

All the photos are taken using Realme X2 smartphone.

We don’t need expensive DLSR always for good photos. Smartphones nowadays have good features. All we need are patience and passion on photographs.

The view from our hall


Right side garden

Left side garden

I bought a teak wood plant for Rs.1 around year 2000. Now it is a big tree at 2020

This is the tree I used to climb up and play with friends when I was a kid

This is a green rose

Left side garden

Capturing green plants is a good photography project. When the wind is gently shacking the small plants and leaves, it will be a good practise to bring focus.

On my school days, it was my duty to water the garden, daily in evening. When my friends were playing, I would watering them. I hated that task. Still my parents imposed that task on me.

After many years, I realised how good the gardening is. Having a garden is a treasure nowadays. Not all get a garden.

Though you don’t like what your parents ask you to do, do them. Time will teach you the worth of those tasks.

If you have a little time around morning or evening, goto nearby garden or park and try capturing the green with your phone or camera.

The results will show you a very different world.

For the full photos collection, see here –

Do you like Black and white photographs?

Though we live in colourful 2020, though black and white photos are very old, it is still wonderful to create b/w photos.

Black and white photos remove the extra, unwanted things and expose only the expressions of the subjects.

We can feel like what the subject of the photo feels.

Here are some of my b/w photos I like much.

If you want to add some good feel to your photos, try converting to black and white. Try high key which will give you white back ground. Try increasing the brightness and contrast to get various effects.

Always keep a copy of original color photos.

My friend balaji listens to a talk

My friend Jayantnath listens to a talk

Prof Thamizhpparithi Maari explains some topic

Arul and Lenin listens

Writer yearcaud elango smiles

Sentamil kothi sir listens to Sridar in right

Iyal looks at me

Vaishnavi and bharathi

Iyal wonders how to solve runic cube

Viyan and Iyal

Sh…. Paari is sleeping.

Iyal and Viyan

Viyan smiles

Iyal imitates some heroine

Paari is wondering what is happening in this world

Freezing the moments with Realme X2 smartphone

CSI Church, Tambaram bus stand, Took on Realme X2 phone

I like seeing photos from my school days. They are the snapshots of that moment. They free the time and make the viewer to live that time.

I have a Canon g7x camera. It is a DSLR but in pocket size. It can do great magics.

Recently I bought a smartphone. Realme X2. For my wonder, this small rat has beast kind of great features and good quality.

The above photo was captured with realme x2 phone. I took it while waiting to cross the signal at evening 7 pm.

The lights and dark sky gave a nice view to capture it.

Tambaram bus stand, Realme X2 Phone

Got this colourful view on the right side. Can’t believe that Tambaram bus stand can look this beautiful.

Thanks for the modern mobile phones for helping the human to freeze the wonderful moments and embrace them.

Pongal Greeting cards 2020

Our kids have created pongal greetings cards and send to friends, relatives for the third year.

Viyan, Iyal and their friends drew many cards.

When I asked for post cards in bulk at post office, they scared at me and denied as no stock. Then, nearby shop owner donated all his cards.

It has been a good event for all the kids to sit and draw together. Viyan has grown from scrapping to good drawings.

Iyal saw the postbox for the first time. They both wondered to know the process and happy to drop the cards on the box.

Its our pleasure the fill their childhood with good events and great memories.

If you need a postcard next year, drop me an email with your address ( )

Try to create a card and send to someone dear for you. It is so wonderful.


Welcome to new girl baby to our family – “Iyal” – இயல் – Thanks to

Hello all,

Happy to inform you that we have a new member added to our family last month.

She is a 3 years old Girl Baby. We adopted her from Grace Kennett Foundation Hospital, Madurai

We named her as “Iyal” –  இயல் – meaning as Nature and Prose of Tamil Language.

All in our family are happy for Iyal.
She is a brilliant, kind and joyful kid.

she goes to a nearby pre school now.

I thank all our family, relatives, neighbors and friends for their great support.

It is myself and Nithya’s decision to adopt a girl baby after Viyan.We applied at in early-2017. It is a national level website to register for adoption.

Cara site  = Central Adoption Resoursce Authority, by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India

We can select the sex, 3 states and age range of the kid.
We selected as Female, TN, Kerala, Andra and 2-4 as age range.

After we submitted, the customer care team called us and got details about us. Then, A social worker from their team visited our house. She enquired about our profession and support from family.

After she gave approval with Home Study Report, we were put up on a national level queue. It was long. Once in a while, we check the website and saw the queue was moving slowly.

In the meantime, we have spoken many times to cara support team for various questions and doubts. They gave great support to clear all our doubts and queries.

After a waiting period of around 2 years, We got email and SMS from Cara website that we got a matching kid at madurai. We went there, met the Grace Kennett team and the Kid. They are very supportive. The next week, went there along with our parents and come back home with Iyal.

Viyan is so happy for his sister. She is playing well with all the kids in our flats.

Here are links for the process:

Eligibility criteria for prospective adoptive parents

Adoption Procedure for Resident Indians

Document Required

Register here

For any queries, feel free to contact cara
Toll free help line no. 1800-11-1311
Email : carahdesk[dot]wcd[at]nic[dot]in

You can contact your nearby Specialised Adoption Agencies

Visited My college AMACE on Sep 22, 2018

When life is kicking me on all the sides, I am always looking for some rewind.

The old friends are like old Rum. The older, the sweeter.

Few weeks back, Arvind and Rajanna, my college classmates called me and shared their plan of AMACE visit. Who will miss this great opportunity!

On sep 22, Sudharsan call me and told that he was waiting near Tambaram.
I joined him on 30 min.

Soon Vijaykanth and Dinesh came on a car.
We jumped on the car and VRoooooooooooooom.

Talking with our friends is one of most glorious moments.
We had all fun talks.

Reached college at noon.

The Library welcomed us.
It was the place where I spent most of my college times.
The librarians recognized us even after 14 years.

Soon, Arvind, Rajanna and their friends from AP, Banglore reached college.

Then all went to our classrooms.

Could hear the echos of our sounds, inside my mind.

The dark corridors, steps, the benches, the labs, the canteen, the grounds, the hostel.


Those golden days will be there only on our memories.

The jokes we told, the whispers, the secrets, the scolds of the teachers, the fights we had, the events, the boring classes, fearful exams, life threatening lab exams, the strikes, the sport matches, the mass bunks, the class cut movies….

We got an opportunity to rewind our life. We went 14 years back and life our lives for few moments.

It is so sad to see the current situation of the college.
The total strength itself below 100, including all departments.

This year new admission is only 8.

Most of the buildings, classrooms, hostel rooms are empty and closed.

On our times, we had housefull of class rooms, around 600 students in our batch itself.

Dont know what will happen to our college in the next years.

With sad feelings, we departed. Our college gladly sent a college bus to drop all of us in kanchipuram.

Vijaykanth, dropped me in Tambaram.

It is so hard to come back to real life.

Thanks guys for sending me back to our golden days.


Will be waiting always for our next meet and visit to our college.

Few clicks –

Ebooks and EMagazines from UK Libraries

Recently, I got an opportunity to live in a small village called “Leek” in Staffordshire Council, for few weeks.

It is very small, peaceful, but modern village. Walking around the streets itself will give great peace to the mind.

Library is the first place I like to explore on the places I do. To my wonder, this village has a great library filled with books in all genres, computers for public usage, various activities for toddlers, reading groups, IT training for adults etc.

Spent most of the times with the magazines and rare collections there.

one day, I shouted “Wow” on seeing this poster.

Announcement on Free Digital magazines in Staffordshire Council Library, UK

Announcement on Free Digital magazines in Staffordshire Council Library, UK


hehehe. Not about the girl on the poster.

How can a library lend digital books and magazines?

I asked the staff  and they wanted me to become a member of the library to avail this facility.

“Oh Sure.”  I said, as the membership is free.

Got membership card and PIN number to login to their site.

These are the links that provide great collection of digital books.

E-magazines are only in PDF format. But we can read them with a big tablet. The collections of magazine is great and they are adding more. We get very latest magazines in all genres.

Most of the Ebooks are in epup format and few in PDF. Both the ebooks and emagaines are DRM enabled. We have to use “Aldiko” app for ebooks and “Zino for libraries” for magazines.

The ebooks and emagazines can be lend for 21 days maximum. They disappear after the specific days.

Though I hate DRM, I like these facilities that Staffordshire library is giving for the public. It seems the department of libraries is paying for the publishers. The public get free, latest ebooks to read on their devices.

I explored libraries of NewCastle, Nottingham, Manchester. They have great libraries. but they dont provide ebooks services. Staffordshire libraries are very innovative on this. They provide membership only for people living in UK.

Thinking on when will we get such systems in India? What we have to do to for this?

Is it possible to get free ebooks in India, but authors and publishers are paid by dept of libraries?

Share your thoughts in comments.

Free from Facebook

Past few weeks, I am calculating the usage time of my smartphone using the app – Quality Time.

It  shows that I am staring this screen for 30 hours per week. 😦

Decided to reduce it.

Did the following things.

1.Quitted Facebook

2. Unsubscribed to non reading mailing lists, converted to digest mode for few lists.

3. Removed all social media apps from mobile. The apps I have now are gmail, maps, clock, Firefox, calendar, camera, WhatsApp, camscanner, hangout.

4. Quitted most of the WhatsApp groups, except few personal friends group.


I am writing on the following blogs.

1. – tech

2. – life in English

3. – life in Tamil and are the sites I contribute.

subscribe to these sites or visit them often.



Will blog here on how the experiment goes. I may miss many updates from friends.But you can always mail me on to reach me.

Send some personal mails. It has been ages I send or receive any personal mail.

Let us restart the culture of personal mails. Believe me. We will become more closer on personal mails.


See you in Email.